Bubblegum Lemonade - Have You Seen Faith EP

matinée 087  /  July 2013
Bubblegum Lemonade - Have You Seen Faith EP
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Bubblegum Lemonade - Have You Seen Faith EP

matinée 087  /  July 2013

Scottish hitmakers Bubblegum Lemonade are back with a summer smash on limited 7” and digital formats.

The long-awaited follow-up to the 2010 ‘Sophomore Release’ album, ‘Have You Seen Faith?’ is a secular hymn to missed opportunities with jangling, strumming riffs, great sixties harmonies, and a memorable chorus. The song is a preview of the band’s third album ‘Some Like It Pop’ set for release this autumn and showcasing a newly expanded lineup with Chaz and Brian joining main man Laz on bass and lead guitar, respectively.

The first of two exclusive 7” b-sides, ‘Cool Guitar Girl’ is a six string encounter and the natural response to Heavenly’s classic ‘Cool Guitar Boy’ anthem, while ‘Angry Birds’ is an angular, surf-tinged song in the style of Jonathan Richman and the Velvet Underground.

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on bubblegum pink vinyl in a stylish multi-colored sleeve.

  1. Have You Seen Faith?
  2. Cool Guitar Girl
  3. Angry Birds


The last release by Lawrence McCluskey's Bubblegum Lemonade was back in 2010, but it's been no sabbatical as attentions were turned to his other band, Strawberry Whiplash, and their excellent 'Hits In The Car' album from last year. The sound, as ever, is pristine indiepop and the references range from indie band Heavenly to mobile phone games. Taken from forthcoming album 'Some Like It Pop' which is due this autumn, this single is the first to feature the expanded line-up, turning Bubblegum Lemonade from a solo project to a trio with the addition of bass player Chas and guitarist Brian. As ever, the songs here don't disappoint. Lead-track 'Have You Seen Faith?' is a gorgeous and jangly ode to a girl that's both sadly reflective and joyously summery all at once. The melodies are typically wonderful and towards the end recall 'You Make Me Shine' from 'Hits In The Car'. As a "natural response" to Heavenly's 'Cool Guitar Boy', 'Cool Guitar Girl' is just a touch grittier, although we're still firmly in the realms of classic Glasgow guitar-pop, and conjuring up more of those melodies seems like second nature. Breaking from the past (well, in the subject matter at least), 'Angry Birds' is a hymn to the game of the same name. Musically it's more sprightly C86-influenced pop, which is in keeping with the rest of the EP and rounds off another trio of timeless songs.   --Sounds XP
Over the years they've developed, and in honesty we think they've improved, and Bubblegum Lemonade are now really quite assured, one of the marquee bands on their label and capable of churning out the timeless with rather impressive regularity. "Have You Seen Faith?" is the song that first prompted us to associate their sound with the Razorcuts crossed with the Mary Chain (not the only Creation-referencing on their terrific LP: "Dead Poets" sounds more like the Bodines vs. early Primals!), but it also tells a sympathetic tale about growing out of religion into the bargain.   --In Love With These Times, In Spite Of These Times
Bubblegum Lemonade is an offshoot of sorts for Lawrence ‘Laz’ McCluskey, who is usually one half of Strawberry Whiplash with Sandra McCluskey. He makes what is essentially pure jangly indie-pop with both outfits, but out right now is a lovely 7″ vinyl (yes, that’s right now) on the fabulous Matinée Records from the former, a long-awaited follow-up to their ‘Sophomore Release’ album, that came out back in 2010. The track, titled ‘Have You Seen Faith?’ sees the Glasgow based band tread much of the same ground that has been done before, in the C86/indiepop vein. That’s not to say it’s bad. In fact it’s a lilting, harmony-laden track, complete with Rickenbacker solo and infectious little chorus. Whatever the time of day and mood, there’s always time in your day for little pop gems like this. You can grab it over at the Matinée website. I haven’t met Faith no, but if she’s anything like this track, I wish I had.   --Backseat Mafia
The new release from Scotland’s Bubblegum Lemonade is full of 12 string jangling goodness. It’s not a huge departure from previous efforts, but when you excel at honey sweet pop goodness why depart. Have You Seen Faith has the Byrds jangle and adds a little of the Stone Roses more melancholy side to the equation. Bonus points for writing the answer to Heavenly‘s Cool Guitar Boy in the obviously titled Cool Guitar Girl on the b-side.   --The Finest Kiss
You know I love Strawberry Whiplash, the Glaswegian duo formed by Sandra and Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey. Today I want to introduce you the other Laz's band, something I've been postponing waiting for a new release. The wait is finally over. Almost a one-man-affair until now, Laz has already given us three EPs and two albums, all on our beloved Matinée Recordings, between 2007 and 2010. And now he is back with more. "Have You Seen Faith?" is out now and is a flamboyant 7" of perfect jangle pop pills, full of killing guitars lines and choruses, that previews a forthcoming third album, "Some Like It Pop", set for release this autumn. Welcome back Laz!   --Bloodbuzzed
Glasgow's Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey loves pop music and loves Rickenbacker guitars. In those ways (and some shared Scottish heritage) we are alike. However, a crucial difference is that our friend Laz is an ace songwriter. And he has proven it with his Strawberry Whiplash project (whose 2012 album made my year-end list), and every release for his solo work under the name Bubblegum Lemonade. Via Matinée Recordings, one of the preeminent purveyors of fine guitar pop, Laz is releasing the three-track 7" Have You Seen Faith. The title track is a jangling discussion of missed opportunities. Sure, there is regret, but you aren't the narrator so you can just enjoy a wonderful song. The chorus "Have you seen her" followed by the descending guitar riff is one of those magical moments in pop music. There are two B-sides. The first, "Cool Guitar Girl" is an upbeat follow-up to "Cool Guitar Boy" the 1991 song by Heavenly. The third song is about addiction to the popular angry birds game, presented with jaunty surf-pop accents. And another great thing about Have You Seen Faith is that it is just the advance for Some Like It Pop, a Bubblegum Lemonade LP to be released this fall. My fall just got better and it still is summer! But note that the B-sides are not intended for the album, so this is your chance to grab them.   --When You Motor Away
New single from Bubblegum Lemonade and a taster for their forthcoming third album Some Like It Pop. It’s backed with two tracks exclusive to this release. Have You Seen Faith? is also the first fruits of the bands new expanded line up. Available as a limited edition bubblegum pink 7″ vinyl single or digital formats and is out now on Matinée Recordings.   --Records I Like
Scottish indie popsters Bubblegum Lemonade will release Some Like It Pop this autumn, a long-awaited follow-up to their 2010 Sophomore Release album. The first taste comes in the shape of single. Have You Seen Faith? is a secular hymn to missed opportunities with jangling, strumming riffs, great sixties harmonies, and a memorable chorus. In fact, it is the practically perfect accompaniment to this unusual period of actual summer weather we’re having here. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on bubblegum pink vinyl in a stylish multi-colored sleeve that looks like a graphic from Mad Men.   --The Mad Mackerel
We are listening to Bubblegum Lemonade here in our office at the moment. Embracing all of the underground charm of a band like The Velvet Underground and embellishing it with a 60s sensibility is the best way of describing their sound. One of the best bands we have heard in a long time.   --U&I Music Magazine
It’s been sort of a sad few months for indie pop fans, with a few of the smaller labels calling it quits. But, on the bright side of things, the next few weeks promise a few announcements from the always excellent Matinée Recordings. The first release on their list is the brand new Have You Seen Faith 7″ from Bubblegum Lemonade. Laz has fleshed out his line-up, creating three beautiful songs that illustrate the purity of indie pop. His voice, as always, has this beautiful warmth, and the guitar work rings perfectly in the background.   --Austin Town Hall
After a three year dry spell, Scottish act Bubblegum Lemonade is back with a quick EP, with three songs clocking in at just over seven minutes. If you’re not familiar with Laz McCluskey’s songwriting vehicle, the name is actually a great descriptor of what you should be expecting. With his Scottish-tinged vocal work, McCluskey takes you back to a time where pop music wasn’t entirely too reliant on synthetic instrumentation. The closing song on this EP is called “Angry Birds” and, yes, McCluskey’s talking about the mobile phone game. If you like Saturday Looks Good to Me, Papercuts, earlier of Montreal or Yo La Tengo, give Bubblegum Lemonade a try.   --Sly Vinyl
Laz McCluskey presenta tres nuevas canciones como Bubblegum Lemonade. Su nuevo EP "Have You Seen Faith?" (Matinée), como viene siendo habitual, no decepciona. Curiosa la respuesta al "Cool Guitar Boy" de Heavenly, con su "Cool Guitar Girl" así como "Angry Birds" homenaje al famoso juego que ha entretenido durante horas al propio "Laz". En Glasgow el C86 no pasa de moda.   --Avec La Participation De
Vuelven Bubblegum Lemonade, o lo que es lo mismo, el proyecto personal del escocés Lawrence McLuskey, con un nuevo sencillo. Tres canciones de cálidas melodías con reminiscencias de los ‘60 y estribillos redondos, que suponen un adelanto de lo que será su tercer álbum, ‘Some like it pop’, en dónde se incluirá el tema titular del single, “Have you seen faith?”. Por la cara B nos encontramos dos canciones inéditas, “Cool guitar girl”, que es la respuesta al clásico de Heavenly “Cool guitar boy”, y “Angry birds”, que va sobre la adicción al popular juego de los móviles. El 7” es una edición numerada y limitada de 500 copias en vinilo de color rosa. Yo tengo la copia número 32.   --El Planeta Amarillo
Nuovo materiale anche per Laz McCluskey, dopo il disco dell’anno scorso sotto lo pseudonimo di Strawberry Whiplash, progetto avviato con l’amica Sandra. Questa volta torna con i suoi Bubblegum Lemonade, lasciati per qualche tempo nel cassetto, ma rispolverati ora con un nuovo singolo. I due progetti si muovono più o meno sulle stesse coordinate anche se quelle dei dei Bubblegum sono forse un po’ più “ruvide”. Have You Seen Faith? riesce comunque a far breccia con le sue malinconiche chitarre jingle-jangle da gruppo satellite della C86. Qui potete ordinare il singolo, anch’esso limitato.   --Frigopop!
El último sencillo de nuestro amigo Laz McCluskey (aka. Bubblegum Lemonade) se titula Have you seen faith. Un precioso tema de corte nostálgico preñado de esos elementos que tantos nos gustan de su música: preciosas voces, coros perfectamente acoplados y guitarras agridulces y armoniosamente sonoras. Todo un referente a los sesenta en forma de canción. Have you seen faith es el adelanto del que será tercer álbum del grupo (ahora sí, reforzado): Some like it Pop, que aparecerá vía Matinée el próximo otoño. Os dejo con el link para adquirir este sencillo.   --The Janglebox
Lo confesso, stavo iniziando a preoccuparmi di questo silenzio di una delle nostre etichette preferite. La Matinée non dava più segni di vita da fine gennaio, quando il buon Jimmy si lamentava per l'aumento spropositato delle tariffe postali americane. Poi il silenzio. vai a vedere che dopo la sfuriata il nostra ha deciso di mollare il colpo? Paura scongiurata dall'arrivo di questo nuovo celestiale 7" degli scozzesi Bubblegum Lemonade, che ci portano a scuola di gentilezza pop, arpeggi delicati e un morbido ritornello che accompagna la nostra malinconia estiva. Il titolo di questa perla è Have You Seen Faith? Ma il divertimento non si ferma solo nella prima traccia, per fortuna la Matinée ci ha abituato troppo bene e quindi altre due canzoni dei Bubblegum sono pronte a insediarsi nella nostra testa. Cool Guitar Gir è un distillato di guitar pop, cristallino e ammagliante. Non chiedetemi perchè ma mi viene in mente una verisone quasi acustica dei Ride. Pezzo favoloso. E poi i ritmi accellerano un pò e si fanno quasi maliziosamente surf in Angry Birds, canzone che immagino sarà dedicata al gioco degli uccellini volanti. Aspettavate un via musicale per la vostra estate? Bene, ora lo avete! 7" imperdibile!   --Troublezine
Laz es el hombre que está tras Bubblegum Lemonade, y Laz es el hombre que siguen yendo a su bola. Desde que tuvimos la oportunidad de toparnos con sus canciones, allá por 2008, no ha cambiado un ápice su estilo, y no tiene intención de cambiarlo en un futuro cercano. Por lo menos es lo que parece en este Ep de tres canciones que sacó a principio de verano (¿por qué no me he enterado hasta ahora?) donde sigue fusionando a la Velvet con los Byrds, y con The Jesus & Mary Chain. Quizá está un poco más pop, y las guitarras tiran menos de distorsión, pero poco más. Tampoco hay que comerse mucho la cabeza con este tipo de bandas, y mientras hagan temas pegadizos de dos minutos, seguirán cumpliendo su función. Y esto es lo que hay por aquí, un tema principal como Have You Seen Faith? que, gracias a su toque mucho más melódico, destaca por encima del resto, y los dos temas de acompañamiento. De estos me quedo con Cool Guitar Girl, aunque sea la enésima vez que hace esta canción, pero oye, tiene su punto. Bueno, Angry Birds tampoco está mal, y es entretenida durante un rato.   --Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
De superfine skottere Bubblegum Lemonade har en ny superfin (hvad ellers?) single på trapperne og den udkommer selvfølgelig på Matinée Recordings (ingen over og ingen ved siden af). Og vanen tro i disse tider udkommer Have You Seen Faith? som god gammeldaws 7 tommer single, hvor der kun trykkes 500 eksemplarer. Håndnummererede selvfølgelig og på pink tyggegummi vinyl, hvad dælen der så måtte menes med det? Men altså sådan en rigtig samler ting for nørder og andet godt folk. Nummeret er ikke så overraskende en pragtfuld omgang guitar pop med melankolsk undertone. Skønt!   --Hits In The Car
Lawrence MacCluskey, es de los pocos artesanos de pop atemporal que quedan en la tan poblada escena musical actual, donde priman otros estilos. Este escocés es la cabeza visible de dos fantásticos proyectos, Strawberry Whiplash, con los que edito un maravilloso debut el pasado año, y Bubblegum Lemonade, formación con la que ha editado ya varios largos y que ahora nos presenta el ep "Have You Seen Faith", del que podemos escuchar el tema que le da título, una delicia. El Ep es una edición limitada a 500 copias en vinilo rosa, disponible el 23 de Julio a través de Matinée Recordings.   --Stereo Pills