Last Leaves - The Hinterland

matinée 094  /  September 2017
Last Leaves - The Hinterland
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Last Leaves - The Hinterland

matinée 094  /  September 2017

Bristly and warm, boldly fragile, and full to the gunwales with evocative imagery, ‘The Hinterland’ is the second single from the debut album ‘Other Towns Than Ours’ from Australian supergroup Last Leaves. Formed from the scattered remains of The Lucksmiths, Last Leaves combine songwriter Marty Donald’s lyrical sleight-of-hand with the jangle and racket of his former band mates Louis Richter and Mark Monnone, and drummer Noah Symons of Great Earthquake fame.

Sounding like a lost classic from the Summershine imprint, ‘The Hinterland’ recounts a country convalescence: “From an upstairs window at your parents’ place/You saw the sun set where the highway cuts across the hinterland/Tail-lights fading in the twilight/It was more than you could stand”. Guitars interweave throughout the verse—Richter’s joyous leads recalling variously Big Country and Stone Roses atop Donald’s staggered rhythm—before bursting anthemically into the harmony-laden chorus.

Exclusive b-side 'Nora Creina' borrows its title from a pin-prick hamlet on South Australia's Limestone Coast and its chorus from a short story by the Canadian writer Alice Munro, its shamble-footed groove giving way memorably to a majestic shoe-gaze outro.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Australian customers please note: this is a co-release with the Lost and Lonesome Recording Company. Please support your local label.

  1. The Hinterland
  2. Nora Creina


Earlier this year we came under the spell of Australian indie pop outfit Last Leaves, thanks to the warm dream-surf tones on their debut single, “The World We Had.” That song perfectly matched the sunny June weather, so it was easy to wax poetic about the feel-good vibes that tune gave us. But now the four-piece band have delivered yet another stellar track, proving their debut album is more than just sunny harmonies and radio-friendly hooks. The Hinterland shimmers with summery vibes, to be sure, but this tune isn’t simply the Australian version of Belle and Sebastian. For starters, there are no grey clouds of longing hanging over “The Hinterland” – no, this is a breezy offering that fuses elements of ‘90s Britpop (The Verve, Travis) and indie alternative (Lightning Seeds) with harmonies that would make the Beach Boys proud. We said it in June and we’ll say it again: Last Leaves make instantly relatable music for modern times. Get to know these guys! --The Revue

Say hello to Last Leaves, a new band consisting of three Lucksmiths members — Marty Donald, Mark Monnone and Louis Richter — and Noah Symons of Great Earthquake fame. Busily writing and rehearsing in the Dandenong Ranges, the group has found their sound coming together effortlessly and unhurriedly: at once warm and dynamic, the at-times-complex rhythms woven together by intriguing guitar and bass melodies. And after a two-year hiatus, Marty Donald’s songwriting pen hasn’t run dry of vibrant imagery and despondent wit. --Beat Surrender

It’s always is a sad event when a favorite band calls it a day, and the final curtain call for Melbourne's The Lucksmiths likely brought more regret than most.  Fortunately, we fans didn't even have time to throw a wake before we learned that Marty Donald, Mark Monnone and Louis Richter from The Lucksmiths added Noah Symons of Great Earthquake to form new indie pop powerhouse Last Leaves.  The band's debut album is due soon from Matinée Recordings in the US and Lost and Lonesome Records in Australia.  However, first things first, and first is this sweet and very limited 7" "The Hinterland".  Consisting of the title track and B-side "Nora Creina", it is a delectable slice of guitar pop and available right now.  Note that the B-side is excellent, and will not be on the album. --When You Motor Away

We’ve previously discussed how excited we are for Last Leaves debut full length; I’m hoping it fills the void the Locksmiths left when they called it a day on that project. Better news, especially for vinyl heads is that the band’s labels, Matinée Recordings and Lost and Lonesome, are releasing a very limited 7″ with the below gem being the star. The front end of this song has a jangling shuffle to it, but as the track progresses, it takes on a melodic groove that rides to the end. --Austin Town Hall

Today, we’re thrilled to be premiering the second single from Last Leaves‘ upcoming debut record Other Towns Than Ours. The track is called ‘The Hinterland’ and it plays host to a nostalgic, reflective atmosphere. The sunny guitar tones, the colloquial vocal drawl and the upbeat nature of the track melt together to create a song which perfectly captures the energy of a late sunset, and a hot summers night. There is a rawness to the track tonally, a warm, smoky feeling which makes it seem as though the band is playing in the room with you as you listen – humble production techniques allows the musicality of the piece to shine. The accompanying film clip, crafted by none other than Melbourne darling Geoffrey O’Connor, embraces the same moody and nostalgic tones of the track, with countryside loneliness creeping to the narrative’s forefront. Filmed in amongst the sweeping, peaceful natural beauty of the Dandenong Ranges, the video captures the haunting vastness of the Victorian landscape superbly. Beautifully shot and produced, the video serves to compliment the track, while also standing as its own piece of art. It stars Shannon Dowling of Melbourne band Spit as the main character. A 7” vinyl of ‘The Hinterland’ is available, and features the b-side ‘Nora Creina’. --Speaker TV

LAST LEAVES es un grupo formado por tres ex-THE LUCKSMITHS: Marty Donald, cantante y compositor, Mark Monnone al bajo y Louis Richter a la guitarra, a los que se le une el batería Noah Symons (GREAT EARTHQUAKE). ‘The hinterland’ es el segundo sencillo que se extrae de su álbum ‘Other towns than ours’, y sin duda, su mejor canción. Por la cara B tenemos la inédita y exclusiva de este 7”, “Nora Creina”. La producción corre a cargo de Gareth Parton (THE GO! TEAM, FOALS,…). --El Planeta Amarillo