Bubblegum Lemonade - Laz Christmas EP

matinée 096  /  December 2017
Bubblegum Lemonade - Laz Christmas EP
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Bubblegum Lemonade - Laz Christmas EP

matinée 096  /  December 2017

Scottish favorites Bubblegum Lemonade celebrate their tenth release in ten years with a brilliant six-track holiday EP entitled ‘Laz Christmas’.

Lead track ‘Number One for Christmas’ is a surefire Christmas earworm with a big pop chorus and plenty of sleigh bells. In an alternate universe it would be battling for number one on the pop charts, but in our world it’s a safe bet to kick off your holiday playlist.

‘No Room At The Inn’ is the story of a modern day Mary and Joseph that ends with a wonderful vocal / fuzz guitar climax, and ‘Sunflower In The Snow’ is a song about the recent spate of weird weather that blends Beach Boys effervescence with the darkness of the Velvet Underground.

‘At Christmas Time’ is guitars jangling and festive shambling for the Postcard Records crowd, while ‘New Year Or New York’ sets the tale of a war veteran thinking back about a lost opportunity to an elegantly presented keyboard motif.

The EP ends with an indiepop take on the traditional Christmas song ‘Silent Night’ with perfectly shimmering guitars, more sleigh bells, tambourine, and dulcet backing vocals by Sandra of Strawberry Whiplash.

Limited to 1000 copies in a festive eco-wallet, ‘Laz Christmas’ is a new holiday classic!

  1. Number One For Christmas
  2. No Room At The Inn
  3. Sunflower In The Snow
  4. At Christmas Time
  5. New Year Or New York
  6. Silent Night


Six Christmassy indie pop songs including the closer, which is an upbeat cover of "Silent Night". It's all quite clean, poppy and jangly - obviously very Christmassy too. Within the lyrics, Santa is involved, as are miracles and Christmas jumpers, and one track is titled "No Room At The Inn". The melancholy "Sunflower In The Snow" is the standout for me. Stick this CD on if you've had enough of Crosby, Carey and Buble and your Christmas playlist needs a refresh. —Collective Zine

Laz McCluskey is a man with a love for retro guitar pop, and an undeniable knack for creating his own gems in that genre.  He has several projects, one of which is Bubblegum Lemonade, and that is his chosen vehicle for a wonderfully upbeat (except for the lovely, subdued "Sunflower In The Snow") six-song EP of holiday music.  The cheeky title is Laz Christmas, which does indeed sound like your inebriated uncle launching into a story about the most recent past Christmas, but with tunes this good we can forgive the pun for a title.  Humor, charm and jangle in abundance, and a dashing cover of "Silent Night" all for the taking. The EP is available via Matinee Recordings. —When You Motor Away

Bubblegum Lemonade have a a 6 track holiday happening going by the name the ‘laz christmas’ EP. This slice of seasonal Scottish strut pop opens with ‘number one for Christmas’ – a well heeled dansette doozie whose blending of subtle twists of Beach Boys and Ramones baubles comes trimmed with a fizzing power pop buzz that’s chime chirped in a deliciously Weezer-esque 50’s bubble grooved styling. Somewhere else ‘silent night’ gets a radically grooving giddy up, all shimmer toning snow fluffed riff jangles spliced with hushly warming honeyed harmonies, what’s not to like we wonder. —The Sunday Experience

Scotland’s Bubblegum Lemonade deal in pristine, almost too-perfect indie pop.Taken from their new EP Laz Christmas, we have Number One For Christmas for you – a surefire Christmas earworm with shimmering guitars, a big pop chorus and plenty of sleigh bells. —Mad Mackerel

As we’ve all noticed, the music news is coming to a slow crawl across your screens. But, some out there are dedicated to keep up the spirit and drop a few more releases. Luckily, one of our favorites, Matinee Recordings, has sprinkled in some delightful indiepop hits to round out the year.  We’ve got a few tracks from the Laz Christmas EP, starring Laz from Bubblegum Lemonade fame; so revel that there’s still hits for you to enjoy! —Austin Town Hall

I am not a big fan of indie Christmas releases, but Lawrence “Laz” McCluskey’s indiepop-alias Bubblegum Lemonade has released a very good 6 track EP for the holidays. I am not sure if jangly Christmas pop will get me into the Christmas mood, though, so I hope he will change the lyrics and release this again around spring or summer or something. These songs may easily fit in the warmer season as well. —Eardrums Music  

Glasgow’s Bubblegum Lemonade have a new release coming up this December. On the 7th they are releasing a 6 track EP titled “Laz Christmas” on the venerable Matinée Recordings. What will the tracklist be? I don’t know yet, but for the time being we can have a very good time listening on repeat the songs “Number One Christmas” and a cover of the classic “Silent Night”!! —Cloudberry blog

Nel jukebox natalizio non può mancare la Matinée Recordings! L'etichetta californiana, infatti, ha da poco pubblicato il nuovo EP della one man band scozzese Bubblegum Lemonade, cinque tracce originali super jangling e festose, più una cover di Silent Night. Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey non poteva che intitolare la raccolta Laz Christmas. —Polaroid