Red Sleeping Beauty - Solid Gold (featuring Amelia Fletcher)

matda026  /  April 2022
Red Sleeping Beauty - Solid Gold (featuring Amelia Fletcher)
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Red Sleeping Beauty - Solid Gold (featuring Amelia Fletcher)

matda026  /  April 2022

Swedish legends Red Sleeping Beauty collaborate with fellow legend Amelia Fletcher (The Catenary Wires, Heavenly, Marine Research, Talulah Gosh, Tender Trap) on the aptly titled new 'Solid Gold' single.

WIth this collaboration, Red Sleeping Beauty have come full circle. Starting out as a jangly guitar pop band in the 1990s and coming back after a 20-year hiatus in 2016 as an electronic synth pop trio, Red Sleeping Beauty return to their roots with 'Solid Gold'—a bouncy, jangly, singalong guitar pop smash.

Underneath the jaunty surface, however, lurks dark Swedish melancholia: "I never thought you’d leave / I never thought we’d end up worlds apart / I always thought of us as solid gold / Shining and there forever."

“Amelia is a teenage hero of ours and the indie goddess”, says Niklas Angergård. “After having written Solid Gold I could only hear her voice singing it, so I gathered courage and asked. And here we are! Her vocals are, as always, solid gold.”

'Solid Gold' will feature on a forthcoming four track vinyl EP also including the recent collaboration 'Second Time' featuring fellow Sarah Records alum Mary Wyer of Even as We Speak. 

  1. Solid Gold


While she's busy with her own bands The Catenary Wires and Swansea Sound, Amelia Fletcher has somehow found the time to add her lovely vocals to a new single from Swedish pop act Red Sleeping Beauty. "Solid Gold", out today via the esteemed Matinée Recordings label, is far and away this week's best new track. A taster from an upcoming EP from the band, one which will also feature Mary Wyer from Even As We Speak, "Solid Gold" is pure bliss to these ears. Fletcher's voice carries this into a special space, and one can almost imagine it's 1989 again or something. Still, this is bright and smart, less a deliberate bit of throwback business, and just a damn good pop song. Amelia Fletcher's guest vocals certainly give it a quality that's uniquely wonderful. Hear it and buy it for yourself via Matinée Recordings now. Song of the Week! —A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

It’s hard to not fawn over a track that takes Red Sleeping Beauty‘s pop craftsmanship then throws in the marvelous support of Amelia Fletcher (Swansea Sound/Heavenly/Catenary Wires) on vocals. The thumping drumbeat gets us started, with a stuttering guitar line faintly toying in the background while the vocals enter pushing the accompanying guitar bits towards more of an outright jangle. When the chorus hits, the vocals get textured backing and the arrangements swell, building it into this indiepop gem that’s going to resonate with all sorts of pop fans. This glorious pop song comes to you courtesy of Matinée Recordings. —Austin Town Hall

Very lovely, thanks for sharing! —Sarah Records

For us there is no better way to start the weekend early with a slice of pop genius. And today that means treating our ears to "Solid Gold". The song was written and performed by Swedish indie pop masters Red Sleeping Beauty, who invited Amelia Fletcher to provide the vocals. A jangling, upbeat bubble of euphoric sound, it makes us feel young and happy. And given our age and the state of the world, such emotions are a much needed gift. Songs don't always live up to the promise of the title, but "Solid Gold" easily hits the mark. Red Sleeping Beauty has long provided much appreciated guitar and synth pop, and always manage to touch our pleasure points with just the right amount of pressure. Amelia has thrilled us with Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Tender Trap, Marine Research, and more recently, The Catenary Wires and Swansea Sound. This collaboration is magic -- grab some for yourself. —When You Motor Away

Red Sleeping Beauty’s latest collaboration sees them teaming up with Amelia Fletcher formerly of Tallulah Gosh, Heavenly etc and now of Catenary Wires and Swansea Sound. It also sees the band dispensing with the synth-pop sound they have engaged with since their reformation in 2016, making a return to their indiepop roots. Well almost. The opening drumbeats give it an initial synth-pop feel but Fletcher’s voice and the guitars, which slowly build up to a jangling crescendo, give the song a retro mid eighties indiepop coating. Solid Gold is taken from a forthcoming four track EP which will also feature the band’s recent effort with Even As We Speak’s Mary Wyer. For now the track can be purchased direct from Matinée Recordings or via Bandcamp. —Records I Like

Gosh, this new Red Sleeping Beauty single is heavenly.  —Indie Pop Saved My Life

After a 20 years hiatus, Red Sleeping Beauty graced us with their mix of guitar-pop / jangly indie-pop once more, with two sublime albums in Kristina (Labrador Records, 2016) and the simply amazing Stockholm (Matinée Recordings, 2019) that cemented the Swedish threesome firmly back into our consciousness and reminded us just why they were so essential in their 90s, Marsh Mariogold, Sunday Records, Siesta heyday. Following on from the March 2021 release of the Second Time single that featured Mary Wyer of Even As We Speak, Solid Gold sees them join up with another legendary indie-pop chanteuse, with Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Swansea Sound, Marine Research, Tender Trap…oooh how could I nearly forget Talulah Gosh !?) to produce a single that is pure nectar from the 90s indie-pop heavens ! —Janglepophub

Stockholm synthpop trio Red Sleeping Beauty return to their 90s indie roots in collaboration with their teenage hero Amelia Fletcher (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, The Catenary Wires). Swedish melancholia paired with British jingle jangle – it’s solid gold! —Skopemag

Amelia Fletcher's latest project. Very much maintains the aesthetic she's worked within for over thirty years now since her Talullah Gosh days. All rather beautiful. Song of the Day! —It Starts With A Birthstone

Sweden’s Red Sleeping Beauty appeared in the early 90’s with a lovely, jangle pop sound and put out several records before disbanding in the late 90’s. They reappeared in 2016 but with a much more dreamy, synth pop sound and the band has been active ever since. On this new single, which precedes a 4-song EP slated for later in the year, the band grabbed hold of Catenary Wires Amelia Fletcher to sing lead vocals as the band went back to their jangly sound and the results are….damn, near perfect. RSB member Niklas Angergard said after he’d written the song that he only saw Amelia singing it so he asked her and she said yes. It does sound like the perfect song with her vocals in mind. And what’s not to like, in addition to Fletcher’s vocals, the melody simply soars and if love old R.S.B (or anything Amelia has done) then you’ll love this! I hope we can hear more from this pairing in the future. —Dagger

La Svezia dei Red Sleeping Beauty incontra una delle voci storiche (e cruciali) dell'indiepop britannico, quella di Amelia Fletcher, e noi nel mezzo, con gli occhi a cuore pronti a battere le mani e a ballare tutti stretti nei nostri cardigan. La seconda fase della carriera della band di Stoccolma, ripartita nel 2015, e che li ha visti virare spesso verso suoni più sintetici, ritrova con il nuovo singolo 'Solid Gold' certe chitarre jangling giovanili. Come ha dichiarato il cantante e chitarrista Niklas Angergård, «Amelia è sempre stata una nostra eroina dell'adolescenza, una divinità indie. Dopo aver scritto 'Solid Gold' potevo sentirla cantata soltanto dalla sua voce, quindi ho raccolto tutto il mio coraggio e le ho chiesto se volesse farlo. Ed eccoci qui! La sua voce, è il caso di dirlo, è davvero "oro massiccio"». 'Solid Gold' farà parte di un prossimo EP in vinile in uscita sulla cara Matinée Recordings, insieme alla recente 'Second Time', che vedeva i Red Sleeping Beauty collaborare ancora una volta con una ex Sarah Records, Mary Wyer degli Even as We Speak. —Polaroid