Red Sleeping Beauty - Second Time (featuring Mary Wyer)

matda024  /  March 2021
Red Sleeping Beauty - Second Time (featuring Mary Wyer)
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Red Sleeping Beauty - Second Time (featuring Mary Wyer)

matda024  /  March 2021

Swedish favorites Red Sleeping Beauty collaborate with Mary Wyer from Sarah Records legends Even as We Speak on the absolutely brilliant new “Second Time” single. 

Red Sleeping Beauty were scheduled to play the Cologne Popfest in March 2020, and planned to have Mary join them on stage for three songs. Damn you, pandemic! Instead, she now joins the Stockholm synth pop trio on the first single from their upcoming fifth album. Thank you, pandemic!

The lush vocals from Mary make “Second Time” sound like the kind of pop smash Saint Etienne released at their peak. Hi-energy, yet sophisticatedly laid back, the track is a dance floor filler for a time of empty dance floors.

  1. Second Time


Talk about two great tastes that go great together. Stockholm-based band Red Sleeping Beauty has teamed up with Mary Wyer from Sydney outfit Even As We Speak to produce one of the all-time great guest appearances in indie-pop history. Wyer's voice belongs in the same conversation as Wendy Pickles, Beth Arzy and Amelia Fletcher as the genre's most beautiful, and she sounds perfect backed by the trio's vintage drum machines and synthesizers. "Second Time" is the first single from Red Sleeping Beauty's fifth album, expected later this year, and you can pick up the song at Matinée Recordings and streaming outlets everywhere. While we wait patiently for this one to fill the floor of your favorite club, and it surely will someday, I have it on good authority the kitchen makes a fine spot to shuffle your feet. Click below. Give it a go. It's the best you'll feel all day. "And let's try it all a second time, let's fall in love for real this time..." --Linear Tracking Lives

Swedish trio Red Sleeping Beauty have teamed up with Australian Mary Wyer of indie legends Even As We Speak to create the smashing dance track ‘Second Time’. This track is a perfect marriage of Wyer’s gorgeous velvety vocals filled with an air of wistful melancholy floating above an effervescent, arpeggiated electronic beat with a vibrant pulse. It has the insistent disco heartbeat of something by the Pet Shop Boys or Giorgio Moroder welded to C86 era indie pop vocals, resulting in something rather magnificent in the process. --Backseat Mafia

Red Sleeping Beauty were meant to be joined on stage at last year’s Cologne Popfest by Mary from Even as We Speak, so they did the next best thing and got Mary to join them on a track for their forthcoming record. The song’s a masterful bit of driving synth pop, running with a heavy beat that seems built for late nights and neon lights. But, as much as the energy has this dance floor fit, Mary’s softness does a good job of keeping the tune elegant, giving it this confidence that shows signs of a huge record coming our way. This tune’s available now via Matinée Recordings, with the album to follow later this year! --Austin Town Hall

The new single from Red Sleeping Beauty sees the Swedish outfit join forces with Mary Wyer from Even As We Speak who features on vocals. It’s a casual, relaxed dance tune and it’s hard not to compare the song with the likes of Saint Etienne, Sally Shapiro or even Dubstar at their poppiest. A fine example of synthpop and indiepop coming together resulting in a near-perfect pop tune. Get those dancing shoes on! Second Time is out now on Matinée Recordings or you can pick it up via Bandcamp. The fifth album from the Stockholm based outfit is due out later this year. --Records I Like

Of course, Sweden's Red Sleeping Beauty needs no embellishment to be a 'must listen' -- they always hit perfection on the synth pop scale. But we must admit that adding Mary Wyer of Aussie pop legends Even As We Speak is a stroke of genius. Born of the failure of a plan to have Mary join the band on stage at the Cologne Popfest, which was derailed by the pandemic, the alternative was to have Mary provide vocals for "Second Time, Red Sleeping Beauty's new single. We must say that for those of us who, for various reasons, did not intend to attend the aforementioned Popfest, this is a clear win. As for "Second Time", the song is an absolute triumph. The synths and beats recall the days in the '80s when we twirled on the dance floor, while Mary's vocals bridge to more delicate indie pop tunes. We really need to go to bed, but this track is so good that we are splashing in a bit more of the 'water of life' in the glass and pressing replay a few more times. The song is a digital single via Matinée Recordings. It also will be included in the upcoming album by Red Sleeping Beauty. --When You Motor Away

Arriva la primavera e si risveglia la Matinée Recordings così come i nostri favoriti svedesi Red Sleeping Beauty, che stavolta collaborano con Mary Wyer degli Even as We Speak (eroi di casa Sarah Records) nel nuovo singolo “Second Time”, che si dimostra ottimo primo passo per il nuovo album della formazione di Stoccolma. I RSB ci trascinano in pista, con un taglio molto Saint Etienne e tutto è perfetto come sempre. --Indie for Bunnies