The Royal Landscaping Society - Clean

matda018  /  July 2019
The Royal Landscaping Society - Clean
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The Royal Landscaping Society - Clean

matda018  /  July 2019

Spanish duo The Royal Landscaping Society has released 16 songs on respected international labels in the past five years and to celebrate their arrival on the Matinée roster we are releasing a special compilation of their music called ‘Means of Production’ in advance of an exclusive new 7” single next year. Following the initial album preview ‘Goodbye’ in May, ‘Clean’ is another immaculate dose of crystalline electronic indiepop that should appeal to fans of Sarah Records bands Brighter and The Field Mice in particular. The digital single also features an ace cover of ‘I Love You More’ by K Records superstar duo The Softies.

  1. Clean
  2. I Love You More


“Clean” is the song Matinée Recordings has picked to promote the upcoming compilation by the Seville based band called “Means of Production”. This song is fantastic of course, as everything they do, and it should be included in this 16-track comp that should be out soon and then it will be followed by a 7″ with brand new songs. Can’t wait!   --Cloudberry Cake Proselytism
Part of a flyer singles batch to promote a new compilation album due out later in the summer, this track jangles with that C86 deliberate lack of intensity that typified late 80’s/early 90’s British indie-pop…the album is going to be a cracker!   --Janglepophub
Spanish indiepop veterans Royal Landscaping Society are back with a new single and the second for their new label, Matinee Recordings. 'Clean' is a sparkling synthpop/indiepop hybrid and is backed with band’s cover of The Softies 'I Love You More'. 'Clean' is released digitally via Matinee Recordings this week. An album, titled 'Means of Production', follows later this summer.   --Records I Like
A few months ago we got a great new single from The Royal Landscaping Society; it was just two quick tunes, barely enough to satiate pop fans. Now the Spanish duo have popped out another single 'Clean' with a nice electronic pulse beneath, offset by these lighter keyboard notes, building a dense cavern of catchy pop music from which the vocals emanate to wash over the listener. I’m on board with anything this bunch does!   --Austin Town Hall
Ormai manca pochissimo!! I Royal Landscaping Society, la band spagnola formata da Cris e David stanno per ripubblicare tutto il loro materiale grazie all’intervento della Matinée Recordings. Non c’è bisogno di ricordare che la cosa è favolosa, sopratutto se, come noi, amate la Sarah Records, visto l’amore e la devozione degli spagnoli verso sonorità proprie di Brighter, Trembling Blue Stars e Harper Lee. La nuova anticipazione è questa splendida “Clean”. “Means of Production” conterrà 16 brani, che vanno a pescare dal passato dei RLS: tutti i brani sono stati rimasterizzati dalla band stessa.   --Indie for Bunnies