The Lucksmiths - Happy Secret

matcd093  /  July 2023
The Lucksmiths - Happy Secret
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The Lucksmiths - Happy Secret

matcd093  /  July 2023

Comprising various singles, b-sides, and compilation tracks recorded 25 years ago, 'Happy Secret' was originally released on CD by Candle Records in Australia and Drive-In Records in the US. This 25th anniversary reissue on Matinée and Lost and Lonesome is the first time the album is available on vinyl!

The album represented a considerable leap forward in Marty Donald’s songwriting and is home to some big Lucksmiths tunes including ‘Untidy Towns’ (the A-side of the very first Matinée 7" from the band in 1998), ‘Southernmost’ (another early 7" that was recorded in Washington, DC during their first visit to the original Matinée HQ that same year), and ‘The Art of Cooking For Two’.

Helmed by Tali White’s warm tenor, the trio’s signature strummed guitar, brushed snare drum, and fluid basslines are embellished along the way with piano, clarinet, and accordion. 

So said the Sydney Morning Herald – “The way the Violent Femmes might have sounded if they’d been melancholy instead of angry. And if they’d been Australian, because these laid-back sounds—especially the laconic lyrics—are distinctly Melburnian”.

1998 was a significant time in Lucksmiths lore. Marty, Tali and Mark welcomed the new year already midway through a month-long New Zealand summer tour opening for kiwi phenomenon Bic Runga, before heading home to pack for their first of many US, UK and European tours which, among many highlights, included dates in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland opening for Belle & Sebastian, themselves embarking on their first set of European dates. 

With songs put to tape at home and whilst on tour, 'Happy Secret' provides snapshots of The Lucksmiths on their way, in full-flight! 

The album is officially released July 28 but you can preorder it right now on classic black or limited edition transparent blue vinyl, with copies shipping on or before the official release date. We also have restocked the album on CD for anyone who missed it the first time around. 

Australian customers please note: this is a co-release with the magnificent Lost and Lonesome Recording Company, so please support your local label!

  1. Untidy Towns
  2. Pin Cushion
  3. Edward, Sandwich Hand
  4. Abdication!
  5. The Art Of Cooking For Two
  6. Don't Come With Me
  7. A Great Parker
  8. Southernmost
  9. Beer Nut
  10. Paper Planes