Bubblegum Lemonade - Caroline's Radio EP

matinée 074  /  June 2010
Bubblegum Lemonade - Caroline's Radio EP
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Bubblegum Lemonade - Caroline's Radio EP

matinée 074  /  June 2010

Glasgow popkids Bubblegum Lemonade resume transmission this summer with a new three-track 7” single! The first release since their celebrated debut album ‘Doubleplusgood’ in 2008, 'Caroline's Radio' is a fantastic Scottish pop hit that pays homage to offshore pirate radio station Radio Caroline with zippy lead guitars and rich harmonies perfect for surfing the medium waves. It’s a preview of the band’s sophomore album set for release later this year. The single also features two exclusive b-sides — 'Stalling and Laughing' is ace stop start pop with revving guitars and a clever nod to fellow Glaswegians Orange Juice, while 'Looking To The Sun' is a ‘Psychocandy’-era blast of Mary Chain pop with 12-string guitar intro, stomping drums, and reverb drenched harmonies. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on transparent red vinyl!

  1. Caroline's Radio
  2. Stalling and Laughing
  3. Looking To The Sun


In these days of The Worldwide Internets it's really hard to remain anonymous, but that's what Laz McCluskey, the person behind Bubblegum Lemonade (and Strawberry Whiplash) does quite easily indeed, ta very much. No gigs, no interviews, nothing. But if self-imposed hermitude from the pop scene means you come up with moments of majesty like 'Caroline's Radio' then maybe a few more bands should stock up on a few hundred cans of beans and hole up for a while. 'Caroline's Radio' tells the tale of bedtime pirate radio listening, and all the romance that covert experience undoubtedly brought. An ode to Radio Caroline, then, but one that swoops and glides and has the best guitar solo since, oooh, I dunno, Ride's 'Chelsea Girl', or something. Over on the b-side, and the hits keep coming. 'Stalling and Laughing' features a cheeky wink to Edwyn Collins in that title and is a perfect blast of psych-pop, whilst 'Looking to the Sun' starts off like The Byrds 'Turn, Turn, Turn' before relaxing into a louche Jesus & Mary Chain haze. It's pretty wonderful, as you can imagine.   --A Layer of Chips

Bubblegum Lemonade is the project of the Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lawrence McCluskey, who's apparently at some pains to establish his pop bona fides. The band's name is borrowed from a Cass Elliot album, and on "Caroline's Radio," McCluskey nods to the Beach Boys on the refrain (the line "Caroline knows" echoes the song "Caroline, No") before calling them out by name in the fourth verse. McCluskey's Facebook page lists a towering stack of musical influences—everything from Cake to the Kinks to something called Tesco Chainstore Mascara—and, of course, "Caroline's Radio" is itself a love letter to Radio Caroline, the offshore station owned by Ronan O'Rahilly. Songs about songs are often a dicey proposition, but there's something about "Caroline's Radio" that rings true. It starts with the opening lines: "Caroline lives for the radio / Caroline lives for the evening show." Not to put too fine a point on it, but there have been times when, like Caroline, I was living for the radio—times when music was the only thing I had that would kick-start my emotions. I suspect this is a common experience among music fans. Friends, family, lovers, the color of the sky: these are the things that make life worth living, but they're also inconstant, subject to change. Music is music, though, every time you turn to it. That's why people fall in love with songs; that's why pop singers are able to become millionaires. That's why O'Rahilly started Radio Caroline in the first place, and why The Atlantic runs a feature like Track of the Day. McCluskey conjures all this up with a quick sketch of a girl lying in bed, listening to tunes floating in from the dark. I'm not sure I can hear Cake or the Kinks in "Caroline's Radio," but I can hear a songwriter who understands the power of songs. So McCluskey's credentials are solid as far as I'm concerned.   --The Atlantic (Track Of The Day)

If one label consistently sends me songs that I absolutely love, it’s Matinée Recordings. It’s not really hard to see why looking at their roster. Cats on Fire, Math and Physics Club, The Hermit Crabs, Pale Sunday and The Lucksmiths (who shamefully I’ve only just got into) have all put stuff out on the label over the years, amongst plenty of others. So while I’m usually skeptical of anything that arrives in my inbox, I’ll always trust the tastes of the folks at Matinée and they are spot on pretty much every single time. Caroline’s Radio is the first thing I’ve ever heard of Bubblegum Lemonade, which is a bit poor given that this is apparently a preview of their second album as well as being a new single. It’s yet another quality Scottish indiepop hit, which further proves there just might be something in the water up there, and makes the prospect of the upcoming Edinburgh Popfest all the more exciting. Gentle harmonies are the focus here on the most part, but every now and again, the guitars crank and you get the sense that this is a band that could rock a little bit harder. Not that they really need to given this is ideal as it is, but I’ll be curious to hear where a full album will take them. The Caroline’s Radio 7″ is out now on the ever excellent Matinée Recordings.   --Another Form Of Relief

There’s just something about a Rickenbacker and the way it hum and buzzes, and when you add into the mix a killer song, the combination is undeniable. Caroline’s Radio takes you back to another time when all three Kennedys were still alive and when you lived for the radio, and would lye bed with the transistor to your head and of course Roger McGinn’s 12 string Rickenbacker. Of course it’s not 1964 anymore and the Jesus and Mary Chain came along at some point, and then there was Bubblegum Lemonade.   --The Finest Kiss (Singles Of The Year)

The Matinée label never seems to slow down in its quest for pop perfection. The a-side was on their latest record, Sophomore Release and it's yet another song in the long line of Scottish pop royalty. The b-side offers up two songs; "Stalling and Laughing " clocks in at just over a minute and a half and sounds easily tossed off while "Looking to the Sun" cranks up the fuzz and points more to the Jesus & Mary Chain than Orange Juice (which is a-ok). Lovely red vinyl.   --Blurt Magazine

It seems somehow appropriate that Bubblegum Lemonade should pen an ode to the pirate radio station Radio Caroline which was in it’s prime in the 1960′s, an era that has such a large influence on the band. The song, and the second track ‘Stalling & Laughing’, are examples of pure and sunny unadulterated jangle pop that result in unabashed joy. Then the band then travel forward in time to East Kilbride circa 1984 with the Mary Chain sounding ‘Looking To The Sun’ which is song about solar power but manages to sound obscured which is complete contrast to it’s subject! A somewhat spanking 7″. Caroline’s Radio is out now on vinyl and digital formats via Matinée Recordings. A new album, possibly entitled Sophomore Release, is scheduled for release in September.   --Indie-mp3.co.uk

It's been a long two years since Scotland’s Bubblegum Lemonade put out the debut that had the very stellar (and year-end list making) single Susan's In The Sky, so I'm happy to see them back. For now though it seems to be just by way of a 7", but I believe a sophomore effort isn't too far behind. Because you just know you want to kick off your week with a bright ray of sunshine, I present to you this shiny piece of pop. Sure, 3 out of 5 new bands these days sounds similar to this, but at least Bubblegum Lemonade does it well, and that has to count for something. Good luck getting this out of your head for the next day or two. The Caroline's Radio EP is due out later this month. Enjoy.   --Side One: Track One

Bubblegum Lemonade's "Caroline's Radio" take three chords, jangly guitars, winsome sad-eyed vocals, Beach Boys references, a little fuzz and music crush lyrics (here it's famed English pirate radio station Radio Caroline) and create a breezy power pop summer anthem, that's heavy on the pop. Bubblegum Lemonade is the nom-de-band of one Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey, who named his sweet tooth project after a Mama Cass album, 1969's Bubble Gum, Lemonade and Something For Mama. Apparently every current Scottish band is required to be impossibly adorable. Laz - you had me at Bubblegum.   --Teenage Kicks

The new Bubblegum Lemonade single on Matinée is buzzing barrel of hooks and reminds me of a young Teenage Fanclub. The A-side is a preview of the Scottish band’s upcoming second album. It’s an ode to pirate radio that uses the Beach Boys’ Caroline Knows for some kind of double entendre. The single comes on red vinyl with two b-sides—one of them, Stalling and Laughing, alludes to hometown heroes Orange Juice—and is limited to 500 copies.   --The Finest Kiss

It seems like everyone in Scotland has a band that writes great tunes; Bubblegum Lemonade is just another one of those stunning groups fronted by Laz McClukskey. The group specializes in combining everyone’s favorite jangling guitar with pure bubblegum pop, creating a nice milkshake of delicious melodies sprinkled with tasty goodness. They’ve got a new 3 song 7″ coming your way titled Caroline’s Radio, and we’ve got the lead track headed your way now. You can find your way to the 7″ at Matinée Recordings.   --Austin Town Hall

I have to be honest, I had completely forgot about this band. They released their debut album "Doubleplusgood" back in 2008 had a couple of tracks featured on this site and then promptly erased themselves from my memory. Not to worry though because they're back now and they've brought a rather good 7" single with them. This is one of the three tracks which appear on the Glasgow bands latest creation and is the first taste of their second album which will follow later in the year. I should probably mention that the single is pressed on ravishing red vinyl and is limited to a mere 500 hand numbered copies so if you want to secure yours get yourself over to the Matinée Records website pronto.   --Burning World

Gotta feelin' Mama would be proud of Glaswegian Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey's tasty pop, which we've been hugely enjoying for a couple of years now. You can read all about it over at Matinée, with additional info at AllMusic. What really got us droolin' is Matinée’s promise that the three songs on the single are but a foretaste of the "band's" second LP, due for release later this year. We've got the other two songs off Caroline's Radio cued up for purchase over at eMusic, where you can also buy their previous LP, Doubleplusgood, and EPs, Ten Years Younger and Susan's in the Sky.   --Powerpopulist

I'm really enjoying Caroline's Radio, the new single - and homage to the famous pirate radio station of the 60s - from Scots popsters Bubblegum Lemonade; not just because it's a very good song in its own right but also because it's reminded me of, and provided me with the perfect excuse to dig out, a couple of my favourite songs on a similar theme i.e. My Radio Sounds Different in the Dark by fab early-90s Irish combo The Would Be's (sic) and On The Radio by Sweden's own Concretes. Sometimes these things just fall into your lap.   --Too Much Apple Pie

Bubblegum Lemonade es el proyecto personal de un tipo de Glasgow que se llama Lawrence McLuskey, que fabrica deliciosos caramelos pop como los 3 que nos encontramos aquí. “Caroline’s Radio” es uno de los mejores temas que aparecen en su segundo álbum ‘Sophomore release’, con un estribillo redondo, y todo un homenaje a la legendaria radio pirata. Por la cara B tenemos otras dos canciones, inéditas y exclusivas de este single, en la misma línea musical influenciada por the Jesus and Mary Chain, con un gusto exquisito para tejer pluscuamperfectas melodías de pop multicolor. Todo ello en un vinilo de color rojo y de edición limitada y numerada a mano. Yo tengo el número 280.   --El Planeta Amarillo