Lovejoy - A Taste Of The High Life EP

matinée 012  /  January 2000
Lovejoy - A Taste Of The High Life EP
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Lovejoy - A Taste Of The High Life EP

matinée 012  /  January 2000

New band from Brighton, England offers irresistible melodic pop songs with male vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and diverse percussion. Backing vocals and ace production by Keith Girdler (Blueboy, Arabesque, Beaumont) give it a complete pop sound perfect for fans of early Sarah and Creation releases (House of Love, Biff Bang Pow!). Pastoral pop for the now generation!

  1. Getting Away With It All
  2. Merry Go Round
  3. Winter L.D.


If, like me you sometime find yourself pining for the Razorcut-tastic period in the mid 1980's when the description 'indie band' actually meant something, and popular indie labels like Subway, Sarah and Creation (yes, that Creation!) went about the business of releasing sun-drenched pop classics with sore heads and happy hearts, then this is the kiddie for you! This 33rpm three tracker has all the ingredients for pop greatness - swoonsome tunes, sha la las, dreamy vocals, guitars strummed to perfection and a lazy, summer time vibe that makes me wish I was ten years younger and three stones lighter! The next gloriously sunny morning we have, I'm gonna put this on really loud, throw open my windows, lean right out and declare to my dull, miserable neighbours that 'The spirit of '86 is back! Back! BACK!' (before scurrying back in, all embarrassed, pretending it wasn't me being so noisy). Top pop, go get it...Are you scared to get happy?   --Nappysack
Lovejoy are a band with Blueboy connections and their lineup also includes ex-Spinning Wheels (remember them? They had a pretty good 7" on Tea Time called A Million Years). The fact that they're a Blueboy offshoot band is not at all surprising, as Getting Away With It All and Winter LD are in a similar vein to the best Blueboy stuff. Merry Go Round is more like The Spinning Wheels but not as jangly - another excellent song.   --Aquamarine
Brighton, England's Lovejoy is like every other lovable Matinée Records artist in that the songs take you back to a day when Sarah Records ruled the land with indie pop artists that have come to influence a lot of the music I listen to today. Another definite with Matinée releases is a Smiths reference and a retro cover. A Taste of the High Life is no different with its ancient indy-car cover and Morrissey style pop. While not necessarily as jangly as other artists that fall into the genre of twee, the other components make Lovejoy and twee a perfect match. "Getting Away With It All" kicks off the A-Side as soft vocals compliment synthesizers and a few light acoustic guitars with an electric hiding in the mix. It is the mirror image of the second B-Side track, "Winter L.D." This track mixed spoken vocals that echo behind the instrumental version of the A-Side. "Merry Go Round," the first B-Side track, is filled with la-las, upbeat vocals, and a quickly strummed acoustic. Lovejoy produces lazy summer music perfect for a warm Sunday afternoon.   --Fensepost
Three song UK pop single produced by Keith of Blueboy. Male vocals, keyboards, guitars... Recalls early Sarah and Creation releases.   --Twee Kitten
Quiet, mostly acoustic pop from Brighton, England. As essential as the Harper Lee 7" and on the same label.   --Dagger