Monterey - The Motorway EP

matinée 010  /  July 1999
Monterey - The Motorway EP
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Monterey - The Motorway EP

matinée 010  /  July 1999

Three-song debut from a New York City band featuring former members of the Autocollants and Coloring Book. Bright, orchestrated pop with girl/boy vocal interplay, intertwined guitars, and bass, plus touches of cello, melodica, and vibes. Perfect for fans of Club 8, La Buena Vida, and Blueboy.

  1. Another You
  2. I Don't Mind
  3. Motorway


Sophisticated pop with lovely do-do-do's, guy/gal vocal trade offs, and an entrancing, lush, but upbeat sound all around! Highly recommended!   --Twee Kitten
Monterey mix old style janglepop with violin and electronic elements, but despite this last bit this is no way an indie-dance thing. I'm occasionally reminded of The Busy Signals but Monterey don't have the hip-hop influence The Busy Signals have. Although part of Monterey's sound is old style janglepop, overall they have a more modern sound than most bands on Matinée.   --Aquamarine
Light, casual pop -- the kind of band you might expect the owners of Shelflife might be in. "Motorway" is an especially good, laid back tune.   --Popgeek
Outstanding indie-pop from Ed Autocollants/Diplomat Haircuts/Shelflife Records and company! Three terrific songs in the style of Autocollants.   --Tone Vendor