September Girls - Wanting More EP

matinée 085  /  November 2012
September Girls - Wanting More EP
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September Girls - Wanting More EP

matinée 085  /  November 2012

Debut US release for five-piece girl group from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in September 2011, the band plays reverb soaked noise pop of the finest order, with distant layered harmonies, swirling organ and distorted guitars once described as "sounds from a transistor radio abandoned in a rural cinema."

The debut September Girls release—a limited cassette single for Glasgow's Soft Power Records in April 2012—sold out worldwide within a week. The girls spent the summer recording new songs and playing dates across the UK including a lauded performance at the prestigious Indietracks Festival. Autumn sees the band return to the UK for more shows alongside the release of a trio of 7 inch EPs with Soft Power Records in Scotland, Matinée Recordings in California, and Art For Blind Records in Ireland.

The Matinée single features the incredibly catchy lead track ‘Wanting More’ which originally appeared on the Soft Power cassette in demo form. The song has classic girl group vocals, majestic harmonies, chiming guitars, a haze of keyboards, and pounding drums all positively drenched in reverb. With its refrain of “take me back to where the summer lasts forever” it is the ideal opener for an EP released by a label basking in the year-round California sunshine.

The EP features two more superb songs on the B-side. ‘Hells Bells’ is an infectious 60s pop hit combining fuzzy guitars, thundering drums, haunting organ, and swirling melodies to create a hypnotic masterpiece of reverberation. It’s the perfect soundtrack for bikini-clad girls with beehive hairdos dancing like maniacs around a bonfire on the beach. Closing track ‘Man Chats’ is two minutes of sublime noisy pop, with a primitive rhythm, assaulting guitars, and cavernous vocals that add an extra dose of intrigue and suspense to the EP.

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on milky clear vinyl, this is the ultimate in garage pop perfection and another smash hit for the Matinée discography.


  1. Wanting More
  2. Hells Bells
  3. Man Chats


Next month, my favourite Irish garage rock band are releasing their debut US release. September Girls are easily one of the best female groups around at the moment. Any band that makes cassettes is a gem in my eyes. Well, providing they aren’t crap and I like them. September Girls are exciting and wonderful, that is obvious. They make you go back in time. Say the 60s when girl groups truly had talent. The songs were about heartache and the hair was big. Now the songs are painful to listen to, and you’d much rather you were deaf. Girl groups; where did it all go wrong?! Can I blame the Spice Girls? I can? I can’t? I’m going to. September Girls remind me of a tame version of The Black Belles. I bloody love The Black Belles. If you mix The Girlfriends with Dum Dum Girls and the Wall Of Sound era; you basically have the ideal band don’t you? That ideal band is called September Girls (DDG also, but this is about September Girls.) Their 7″ EP consists are 3 beautiful songs that leave you typically wanting more. So all you can do is hit repeat over and over. Three songs that leave you in a state of bliss and also leave you unsure where you are. Are you in the present or have you gone back? Maybe you took a trip to the future and this is what it sounds like. If that’s the case, then to hell with all that’s happening now and catapult me to the future. Hells Bells makes you think you are at a cheap disco surrounded by good people. You just have to move you limbs about in a way that basically states, “I don’t care, this song makes me happy. Move out of my way.” Wanting More takes you back to the blissful state that the summer left you in. You want to go back because for the most part, you had a pretty damn good summer. Give or take a few shit days; you still had a good time. Man Chats is just divine and is the perfect ending to this wonderful EP. As this is their first US release (through Matinée Recordings) I hope with all I have they become huge in America and win over their hearts like they have won over mine. September Girls make the kind of music that makes me love writing about music. Music is basically all I know and care enough to write about. The band fuel my love for this, and give me hope that out there, there are bands making music that is pure and honest. They merge all the genres I love into one. I just adore them a hell of a lot.   --Gypsy Death and You
Ah, now it's these kind of sounds that make the world a much better place. Dublin's September Girls' debut cassette release earlier this year sold out at lightning pace. The 'Wanting More' EP is the girls' first international release and their first for the ever reliable Matinée Recordings. These are brain-tinglingly sweet indiepop songs overloaded with gorgeous girl-group melodies and showered with fuzz like the dusting of edible glitter on a batch of cupcakes. It's no surprise they've just landed some support slots with The Cribs, a band known for their love of DIY ethics and great garage-pop songs, they'll surely go down a storm. The title-track is very reminiscent of The Dum Dum Girls, but before they became quite as polished as they are now and better than they were to begin with. It's pure ear candy and warrants repeat plays, in fact it's difficult not to skip back to the start once this trio of tunes shimmers its way to the end. A little more noise is employed on 'Hells Bells' and those cooing vocals are buried deep within the piercing wall of sound, it's another great pop song that's filtered through shards of glass so that it sparkles but isn't as crystal clear enough to be twee. 'Man Chats' takes this approach a step further, with piles of discord and fiercely echoing drumming, devoid of lyrics aside from some ghostly "oohs" and lashings of organ. This is a truly lovable EP, we're already wanting more.   --The Sound of Confusion
While there's a surfeit of spiky garage-pop doing the rounds at the mo, Dubliners September Girls pretty much slay all opposition with their three track 7", "Wanting More". It's a perfect rush-hour blur of motor city soul and modern pop noise, topped with swirling keyboards and draped louchely in the reverb that is so de rigeur right now: it just *tugs* at our heartstrings, the same heartstrings once plucked by kindred spirit supernovae like Slumber Party or the Aislers' Set. In a sense, the five-piece take their cue from the Jesus and Mary Chain's thrilling subversion of the language of pop: these are flames of romance soundtracked by a fuzzing throb, undercurrents of longing hiding beneath frissons of feedback. The lead tune powers along so gloriously that it's easy not to notice those undercurrents of longing initially ('til it concludes with a pleading "take me back to where the / summer lasts forever"), but once you do they simply wash over you, cleansing your soul of all its workaday cynicism. Second song "Hells Bells" is possibly even better, as thudding drums compete for space in the mix over the screes of blissful noise, as if Black Tambourine were jamming selections from "Isn't Anything". By the time we get to instrumental closer "Man Chats", one of the most raucous things ever released on Matinée (imagine Girlschool covering Thrilled Skinny's "Slap A Ban!" whilst someone clawhammers an organ to bits in the background), we're sold completely. There's a certain pizazz to this EP which we don't personally get from the more fêted NYC bands who operate in similar territory, and we have a feeling that may be because September Girls are patently playing what they want to play, aren't "trying to be" anything, and *that's* what helps fill these tracks with such sheer joy.   --In Love With These Times In Spite Of These Times
Following swiftly from the wonderful Green Eyed 7" via one of my favourite independent labels Soft Power Vinyl, September Girls have announced another slab of wax for release via US label Matinée Recordings in November. A three track 7" coming out on milky clear vinyl, lead track "Wanting More" is the perfect example of what the girls do, pounding drums, thick, over-amped bass and strong, catchy lyrics. "Hells Bells" is radiant noise pop of the finest order, guitars distorted, verses simple and catchy, drums energetic, it sure is sweet on the ears. "Man Chats" is a short, sharp burst of driving paranoia, full of psychedelic distortion and echoey harmonies. It offers the perfect compliment to the catchy power pop of the other tracks, darker and mysterious it sees swirling key, chiming guitar and energetic drums gallop around your brain. Ace. September Girls, if they aren't already, are here to be your favourite new band.   --Just Music That I Like
Reverb? Check! Chiming guitars? Check! Pounding drums and thundering bass? Check! Yes indeed, Dublin’s September Girls pretty much tick all our musical boxes and we’ve previously described them as “this is how great The Bangles, minus the sunshine could have sounded had they been produced by the Mary Chain.” Add some swirling 60′s korg action, gorgeous layered harmonies, and a vibe that undulates between wonderful 90′s shoegazers Lush and that lunatic gun tootin’ genius Phil Spector’s and his mighty wall of sound and you have a potent seductive musical mix. Now for a great debut album eh ladies?   --The Von Pip Musical Express (Breakthrough Acts for 2013)
One of my favourite memories of this musical year (I sound like David Hamilton now) was seeing September Girls wandering around the Indietracks site, clearly loving every moment of being in a band, looking like a band, and basking in the fact they knew pretty soon that they'd be playing to a rapt audience in the church. Soon after that Jimmy from Matinee sent me an email asking if I had some contact details for the band. I'm not saying for one moment that I have any part at all in creating this wonderful record, but it's nice to hear from others who appreciate sheer bloody brilliance, isn't it? Throughout the three flawless tracks on this seven inch, September Girls create something so exciting and deeply beautiful that it's hard to understand why they aren't pop stars already. 'Wanting More' is like a clarion call to the fragile, all organs and fuzzpop and reverb, it's refrain of "Where did you go?" and 'Take me back to where the summer last forever" touch kind of nagging insecurity that most of us all feel from time to time. Meanwhile, 'Hells Bells' sounds like the Shangri-Las fronting early Jesus and Mary Chain. This pleases me a great deal, and 'Hells Bells' is easily as strong - if not stronger than the title track, with its swirling Farfisa, growling bass and shimmering stars.   --A Layer of Chips
A little while ago I declared Dublin’s September Girls to be my favourite new band of 2012 and ever since then I’ve been dreading something coming along to make me regret making me such a sweeping assertion. Thank the lord this single does nothing to change my mind although this is a limited 500 copy 7” vinyl release in the U.S. of A. which is mildly annoying. No matter, lead track ‘Wanting More’ is a wall of Phil Spector noise with a sparse quality breaking through the expansive sound. It sounds like how every amazing Indie Disco sounds from the toilets when you have that moment of wanting to sober up so that you can pull your best moves in front of the hot girl/guy in the Veruca Salt T-shirt. Chest rattling bass lines and pounding drums play out under a wall of harmonies and picked guitar lines that all blend in to a crescendo of yearning. Thumping, Beach Boys drums and whiny organ kick in to introduce ‘Hells Bells’ which, ironically, sounds like something Sleigh Bells and Best Coast might have knocked up together after a long weekend of Bourbon and too much sherbet. For me, it’s final track ‘Man Chats’ that is the standout track and boy what a track!? This is where you realise that September Girls aren’t just a group of five mates chancing their arm at being in a band. They live and breathe this music and aren’t about to cow-tow to any trends or popularist views. The drums are like Keith Moon on a particularly confused day, the guitars swirl, the bass throbs and the keys pierce like a lighthouse through dense fog. With labels tripping over themselves to sign these girls up and the Cribs picking them up for support slots in Ireland, everything is looking good for September Girls so get in on the ground floor folks.   --Listen With Monger
Dublin girl-group September Girls (mates with The Pacifics!) are back with their second 45. I hope you’ve already picked up “Green Eyed” that came out on Scottish label Soft Power earlier this year. The new 45 is a three-track EP delivered via Californian label Matinée in a pressing of 500 coloured vinyls. The production here is a bit more full-on and definitely brings Dum Dum Girls, Juniper (if anyone remembers them) and Hollows (also on Soft Power) to mind. Check out the lead track below – very promising if there’s a full-length in the works, and I’d expect no less.   --Record Turnover
September Girls are a reverb-loving pop band from Dublin featuring ex-members of The Chalets and Talulah Does The Hula. They've just released a storming 7" for Matinée Recordings called Wanting More. Definitely one for fans of Black Tambourine, Shop Assistants and classic c86-era fuzzy pop.   --Daytrip
Today's news is the first official US release from Ireland's September Girls. Out soon on Matinée Recordings, the Wanting More 7" features the title track A-side and two B-sides. These ladies have graced our pages before, and I expect that they will continue to do so. Their music is excellent, and the vinyl versions always sell out (their April release for Scotland's Soft Power sold out in a week), but this record is available in both vinyl (with a digital download included) and digital-only. "Wanting More" may cause you vinyl purchasers to wear out the A-side -- girl-group vocals soaring on a retro melody, all swathed in reverb and distortion. The Ronettes never fronted The Jesus and Mary Chain in a recording produced by Phil Spector, but this might give you an idea of what it would have sounded like if they had. Someone cleverer than I one described the sound of this five-piece as that of a transistor radio abandoned in a rural cinema. After listening to several releases, I think it is a fair and evocative description. In the second B-Side, September Girls showcase their ability to deliver the noise. This isn't a sweet collection of female singers, this is a rock band. We look forward to more from Sarah, Lauren, Jessie, Caoimhe, and Paula.   --When You Motor Away
I love writing about the bands on Matinée Recordings; it makes it so easy as they almost never miss. The newest installation to their storied stable is Dublin’s September Girls, a five piece group specializing in bringing a blend of atmospheric post rock and girl group harmonies. It’s pretty much a perfect blend of all your favorite things, uniting noisier pop with your tendency to wax nostalgic about a more pure rock n’ roll sound. You better get your hands on it now, as the history of the band shows that their music is being gobbled up quickly all over the globe, so chances are this 7″ EP won’t be around for too long.   --Austin Town Hall
Where did Matinée head honcho Jimmy Tassos travel to find this bunch? Why Dublin, Ireland, and these five women who make up September Girls are armed and ready to bring the pop. You think I'm kidding? Well, I'm not, and though they've only been around for a year the songs on this EP are terrific. The title track is pure fuzzy girl group goodness, while the two tracks on the flip, "Hells Bells (not the AC/DC cover) and "Man Chats" are both nearly as good. If you like reverb as much as I like reverb then you'll be in good company here.   --Blurt
The Ronettes gone-noise pop sound is pretty well covered these days with Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Frankie Rose and the Outs and now, September Girls. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland rather than America, the September Girls share something of a geographic sonic lineage with My Bloody Valentine, but really more an actual sonic relation with UK-based twee/noise pop collective The Manhattan Love Suicides. An all-female group, their sound mixes cooing, Phil Spector-wall of sound vocals and a thick haze of lo-fi fuzz from their probably vintage Marshall stacks. Lead track “Wanting More” is an ode to the Shangri-Las-do-Psychocandy noise pop of The Raveonettes, a bouncy-yet-downcast paen to summers gone by. “Hells Bells” works in plenty of indie/twee pop from Belle and Sebastian but also other influences similar to ‘60s inspired twee like Camera Obscura and Broadcast. “Man Chats” is a great instrumental, all thunderously muffled drums, loud chiming surf guitars and flourishes of Farfisa organs. The EP has a lot of variety, and noise-wise is a fair bit mor eadventurous compared to what female-fronted noise pop offers up these days. Recommended: “Wanting More” is especially good.   --Shoegaze Haze
Dublin’s September Girls have announced a new 7″ through California’s Matinée Recordings. This is the second of three 7″ releases this year, following Soft Power in Glasgow and Art for Blind in Cork. Lead track ‘Wanting More’ starts with a tremendous bass fuzz, before unleashing a great host of harmonies around the refrain – “take me back to where the, sun will last forever“. It would tend to remind you of The Bangles a little bit, although with afterburners attached. Also included on the 7″ are ‘Hells Bells’ and the instrumental ‘Man Chats’, two other glorious wall of sound cuts.   --We Are Noise
September Girls come from the haunting Dublin, thanks to another referential label, Matinée Recordings. The all-female five-piece band formed in September 2011, debuting with a limited cassette single on Soft Power Records in April 2012 (sold out within a week). More recording and touring followed, releasing a trio of 7 inch EPs this autumn. EPs that you should check out, as this band play the most absorbing and infectious garage pop tunes I have heard in a long while. Fuzzy and noisy yet harmonic (these girl group vocals are disarming) and melodic. Their music takes no prisoners, comes like a rush of blood to your head and affects all your senses. You have been warned.   --Bloodbuzzed
Coool news that September Girls will be releasing a 7” of three songs for a US release on Matinee Recordings. Man Chats is included on the new white vinyl along with new track Wanting More and a favourite of mine, Hells Bells, all of which are continuations of the Girls’ soft pop dreams spiked with garage rock.   --Harmless Noise
Con todo lo que evoca ese nombre, está claro que estas chicas irlandesas no iban a defraudar. Su debut, además, se produce con Matinee Recordings, lo cual es garantía de buen gusto en cuanto a Pop con mayúsculas se refiere. Y efectivamente, este Ep de tres temas no defrauda. Aunque las chicas aún parece que van buscando un sonido definido, la música de September Girls se mueve a gusto entre el Fuzz-Pop desenfadado y pseudo playero de Wanting more a la más sesentera Hells bells, o hacia el Pseudo-Garaje de Man chats. La nota dominante de los tres temas, evidentemente, es su afinidad por el Pop ruidoso. Según comentan ellas mismas: “sounds from a transistor radio abandoned in a rural cinema”. Una declaración de intenciones y una descripción de lo más acertada. El sencillo lo puedes encontrar en formato vinilo o digital en el catálogo Matineé Recordings, a precio de cubata, así que ya sabes, abandona esos hábitos y píllate este debut de las Chicas de Septiembre.   --The Janglebox
As September Girls sao um dos nomes que toda a gente vai ter de estar atenta em 2013, um som radiante, como se o garage se fundisse com uma pop negra e irresistivel, que vai buscar claras influencias as Dum Dum Girls ou até Vivian Girls. Um excelente EP de estreia que nos vai tomar de assalto em 2013. 8/10   --Music & Riots