Sweet William - Lovely Norman EP

matinée 006  /  January 1999
Sweet William - Lovely Norman EP
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Sweet William - Lovely Norman EP

matinée 006  /  January 1999

Beloved Australian group's final single features mixed male and female vocals and timeless jangle pop sure to solidify support of Smiths and Sarah fans worldwide. These three engaging tracks from early in the band's career mix elegance, idealism and sincerity.

  1. Lovely Norman
  2. Not Actual, Not Lasting
  3. Run For Your Life


Matinée six sees the second single by this band and there is a degree of difference here, as there is the odd salsa feel and a bit more experimentation which I like. I think these first two singles and the Ambiguous EP would have made a fine LP together, and perhaps one day it will all get re-released that way. I think it still ranks as some of his freshest work, and the ambiguous ep his greatest moment. As before, your only limiting factor is finding this. If you do, don't flinch, buy it. It has his wistful quality in spades and just lovely songs. A classic of pop.   --Indie Spinzone
Pop jangle from down under. Heartfelt and dreamy!   --Twee Kitten
Sweet William also have another 7" on Matinée, Lovely Norman EP, which also shows a strong Field Mice influence, along with Blueboy perhaps? The third track is the one that stands out the most on this 7".   --Aquamarine
The title track of the second one (Matinée 6) sounds more like Sarah Records (including a guitar figure straight out of the Sugargliders' "Ahprahran"), but the jazzy "Not Actual, Not Lasting" is nervous and mordant, and "Run for Your Life" sounds like a sing-along folk-standard in a Violent Femmes trance. 45/33 again, black.   --The War Against Silence
O primeiro lançamento da Matinée foi um compacto do Sweet William chamado Dutch Mother. Aliás, a banda também marca presença mais um vez, lançando o 7" de número 6 da gravadora chamado `Lovely Norman. Nesses dois compactos encontramos 6 canções (3 em cada) que nos remetem ao pop melancólico de Field Mice, Brigther e companhia (leia-se Sarah Records). É uma banda nova (como quase todas da Matinée) e a discografia se resume a esses dois 7"s e outros dois lançados um na Library Records e outro na Twee Kitten (esse sendo um CD single). Provavelmente teremos um álbum em breve. Enquanto isso, esses singles servem como perfeita introdução.   --Esquizofrenia