The Guild League - Jet-Set...Go! EP

matinée 039  /  July 2002
The Guild League - Jet-Set...Go! EP
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The Guild League - Jet-Set...Go! EP

matinée 039  /  July 2002

Debut single from an Australian coterie headed by esteemed Lucksmiths vocalist and percussionist Tali White. On the title track, Tali is joined by Candle Records star Richard Easton plus members of Sodastream and Art of Fighting to create a wonderful racket with guitars and drums and handclaps that you can't get out of your head. This three-song EP also features acoustic tracks "A Faraway Place" and "Cornflakes" which showcase Tali's signature voice and are simply lovely in a Sugargliders-sort of way. An album entitled "Private Transport" is scheduled for release later in the year, but you'll want to get hip to the Guild League now because this one's limited to 1000 copies.

  1. Jet-Set...Go!
  2. A Faraway Place (demo)
  3. Cornflakes (demo)


The Guild League, as any follower of the Matinée 'scene' will no-doubt know, are headed up by Lucksmiths' Tali White and includes members of the sublime Art of Fighting, Sodastream and Candle Records artiste Richard Easton. Sounds like an Australian super-group to me… and that sounds just fine. As does the single, with its lead track bounding across the departure lounge all dressed up in suede jackets and brandishing guitars held high. 'Jet Set Go!' has an intriguing stop / start structure that recalls a more restrained Hurrah! or Hellfire Sermons with the visceral howls replaced by Tali's more laconic summer-breeze of a voice, and as a result is naturally a real gem that has been stuck on 'repeat' all morning. The other tracks, demos for two songs that will appear on the forthcoming album, are similarly good, with the rhythm of popping corn that precedes 'A Faraway Place' being particularly amusing. An essential purchase, I suggest, and a great taster for that album which, incidentally, you'd better be on your toes for as I understand it'll be limited to 1000 copies.   --Tangents
With a full-length in the works, the Jet Set...Go! EP is a teaser for things yet to come from the musical workshop of Australia's Guild League. A side project of Tali White, better known as the singer/percussionist for the Lucksmiths, the Guild League exist in a world of delightful acoustic pop, drawn out in exquisite detail by White's quirky travelog-style lyrics. With a fun arrangement in line with the giggly retro-pop coming out on Elefant, "Jet Set...Go!" is a jangle pop bit featuring appearances by Richard Easton and members of Sodastream, Red Raku, and Art of Fighting. "Jet Set...Go!" comes the closest to sounding like the Lucksmiths, but it has a bit of a dark under-edge to the lyrics that the Lucksmiths don't generally have. While the title track's animated jangle nearly strays into Lucksmiths territory, the remainder of the album is more barebones than that group tends to be. "A Faraway Place" is an unexpected a cappella number that ebbs and flows as layers of White's vocals swirl in and out of the mix in round fashion. Interesting as a one-off, but not something most fans would line up to hear a full-length of. Calling to mind the understated shimmer-pop whimsy of a group like Frente! or the Sugargliders, album-closer "Cornflakes" spotlights the simple beauty of everyday things, like cornflakes, an acoustic guitar, and White's appropriately delicate vocals.   --All Music Guide
Starting with the title of this teeth-crunchingly good single, to the fact that it mentions Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby and the Northern Line...and basically extols the virtues of travelling the world, The Guild League have made the simple seem so unattainable for others, in a perfect debut single. Hug it hard.   --Tasty
The Guild League features Tali White of The Lucksmiths in a poppy acoustic venture for Matinée Records. The album is a indie-pop star-studded affair with appearances also by members of Soda Stream, Red Raku, and Art of Fighting. With this much ammo, The Guild League is more than set to create a snappy single. "Jet-Set . . . Go" is the catchy title track with a sort of 60s mod sound, including lots of strummy guitars, noisy percussion, and even hand-clapping. This is definite winner and provokes an automatic interest in the band and the rest of the album.   --Delusions of Adequacy
Pop singer extraordinaire Tali White of the Lucksmiths takes a somewhat solo spin on the Guild League's debut EP. For the title track he's joined by an assortment of Australian indie talents (Richard Easton and members of Sodastream and Art of Fighting), who presumably will also be present for the group's debut CD, due out later this year. "Jet-Set…Go!" is a catchy, funky pop-rock ode to globe-trotting as a form of learning: "Disembark leaving behind what you think you know/bring home times that leave a mark/jet-set…go!" The other two tracks are demo tracks for the album, with Tali performing alone. "A Faraway Place (demo)" is the show-stopper, a gorgeous love song where he sings three separate parts at the same time, acappella. It'll make your heart soar. The EP closes with another fine pop love song, "Cornflakes." All in all, a wonderful EP.   --Erasing Clouds
This is the debut single from The Lucksmiths vocalist and percussionist Tali White's side project, and a very nice debut it is too. Those familiar with The Lucksmiths will find plenty to appreciate with this one. Like his other band, Tali has gone for a folksy, easy going sound for The Guild League, and even though there is little difference between the 2 bands, I'm not complaining. Jet-Set...Go! is driven by the characteristic folksy sound, but also has some great catchy pop sensibilities too. The b-sides are also pretty impressive, particularly the completely acappella A Faraway Place. A very nice cd indeed.   --Rip It Up Magazine