The Lucksmiths - A Good Kind Of Nervous

matcd089  /  December 2020
The Lucksmiths - A Good Kind Of Nervous
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The Lucksmiths - A Good Kind Of Nervous

matcd089  /  December 2020

Known for their short and bittersweet indiepop songs, economical set-up and charismatic live shows, The Lucksmiths formed in 1993 and initially consisted of singer/snare-drummer Tali White, guitarist Marty Donald, and bassist Mark Monnone.

The band’s fourth album A Good Kind of Nervous introduced them to new audiences at home and abroad (including an invitation to open for Belle & Sebastian on the Scottish band’s first ever European tour) and is considered a high water mark for the early-Lucksmiths sound; ‘Under the Rotunda’, ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, ‘Caravanna’ and ‘Punchlines’ all went on to become perennial live favourites.

Steeped in the Melbourne milieu that The Lucksmiths often referenced in song, the album was recorded in a poorly-heated Victorian terrace in Carlton (which was soon to become a hair salon) and mixed in Mark Monnone’s Fitzroy North house, across the road from the Edinburgh Gardens – the same neighbourhood that inspired the bassist’s skyline silhouette print which adorns the album’s cover.

Originally released on CD by two iconic indie labels of the day – Candle Records (Australia) and Drive-In Records (US) – A Good Kind of Nervous served to launch the band from their Melbourne cradle into the waiting world and what was to become a long procession of international releases and touring until the band’s split in 2009.

The 2020 release, available on classic black and limited edition orange wax, marks the first time the album is available on vinyl!

Australian customers please note: this is a co-release with the Lost and Lonesome Recording Company. Please support your local label.

  1. Caravanna
  2. Under The Rotunda
  3. Train Robbers' Wives
  4. World Encyclopedia Of Twentieth Century Murder
  5. The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things
  6. Punchlines
  7. Guess How Much I Love You
  8. Columns O' Steam
  9. Up
  10. Wyoming
  11. Little Athletics


One of the better reissues of 2020, and one which seems to have slipped under the radar, is the recent release of A Good Kind of Nervous from The Lucksmiths by Matinée Recordings. The 1997 album from the Australian band, on vinyl here for the first time, is a delightful record, and one which charms in a simple, direct, and unaffected way. While "Under the Rotunda" and "Punchlines" recall early Belle & Sebastian, or any number of Sarah Records bands, the more morose compositions on A Good Kind of Nervous work in other ways, and play on other emotions in a listener. "The Invention of Ordinary Everyday Things" stakes a deliberate path, while the simply playful "Wyoming" marries a folk-y hook with a economical melodic line. Tali White's vocals, like on so many tracks here, soothe the soul, and reveal a decidedly Aussie spin on an indie-pop style many associate mostly with British bands. A Good Kind of Nervous contains nothing that's not lovely, with The Lucksmiths here revealing the right kind of light touch, one which never overstates anything, nor belabors an emotion. In that sense, it's less bright twee-pop, and something instead closer to early Go-Betweens numbers in some way. The Lucksmiths' poetry is different, of course, but it's lovely all the same. --A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

This record, originally released in 1997, was my introduction to this terrific Aussie indie pop trio (later to become a quartet). The band: vocalist/drummer Tali White, bassist Marty Donald and bassist Mark Monnone, had formed in 1993 and it really seemed like these three were meant to play music together, all three contributing equally to the band’s unique sound. A Good Kind of Nervous is the band’s 4th record (I worked my way back after getting this one) and I remember Tali telling me that this record was “the first one where we were starting to sound kind of ok” and this was the band’s break out record (they were asked to open for Belle & Sebastian’s European tour that year). It offers up some of my favorite Luckies songs like ‘Under the Rotunda,” the cheery, bouncy (and hilarious) “Punchlines” and the tender “Guess How Much I Love You?” (and don’t miss the terrific, punchy “Columns O’ Stream” (with its whistling solo!). On this record there’s lots of classic nods to Melbourne, the city they call home (and something they would do throughout their career). Originally released on Candle Records in Australia and Drive-In Records here in the states, this is the first time it’s been released on vinyl (long overdue for that), black vinyl and limited edition orange as well! Do not miss and thanks to the Matinée label for making this happen.  --Dagger    

Il trittico dorato si conclude con la pubblicazione in vinile di “A Good Kind Of Nervous” dei favolosi The Lucksmiths. Prima volta che l’album arriva alla publicazione su questo supporto. Lo ricordiamo con grande piacere questo quarto lavoro della formazione australiana, anche perché fu il loro trampolino di lancio per essere apprezzati (con più attenzione e riscontro, ovviamente) anche al di fuori dei loro confini nazionali. Il solito immenso buongusto guitar-pop in canzoni favolosamente agrodolci. --Indie for Bunnies