Bella Vista - Was The Last EP

matinée 003  /  March 1998
Bella Vista - Was The Last EP
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Bella Vista - Was The Last EP

matinée 003  /  March 1998

Following up their sold out split single with the Best Wishes on Turn Up The Treble!, Bella Vista delivers four doses of short sharp pop melding split boy/girl vocals, the ringing and chiming of Talulah Gosh, the C-86 guitar jangle of Razorcuts and the Snowbirds, the vocal harmonies of the Carousel, and the recommended daily dosage of ba-da-ba's.

  1. Was The Last
  2. Nothing New
  3. I'd Rather Be Here
  4. Crushed


Four short and definitely sweet pop songs! Right to the point-brevity is key! Sweet soft female vocals, jangly guitars...great stuff!   --Tone Vendor
There may not be a cuter sounding band on the planet other than Bella Vista. The songs are sweet, short and simple.   --Kickbright
Snappy jangle-pop. Guy/guy vocals. Completely charming.   --Twee Kitten
It's nice that this is a 45rpm record but being so means the songs need to be short since that speed limits 7" time to about 5 minutes a side. (better because 45's are more dynamic than 33) This is from 1998 and sounds more current than the previous single did. It is twee but it doesn't wallow in it, the melodies are nice, the songs are crisp and the only flaw is they should have called this the blitzkreig ep because it's over before you know what happened. On top of everything else, the packaging and especially the records label is great. Nothing looks better than a really great label on a 7".   --Indie Spinzone
Bella Vista have four janglepop songs on their 7", which come across sort of like a mixture of the Fat Tulips, The Haywains and Talulah Gosh. The band have been compared to The Carousel; the "ba-ba" bit in Was The Last, and the bit right at the end of this song are reminiscent of them but don't expect them to sound overall like The Carousel.   --Aquamarine
Cuatro estupendas canciones de enérgico pop. El sonido de Taulah Gosh, las guitarras de Razorcuts, las voces de Carousel y una buena dosis de ba-ba-ba...   --Canciones Huerfanas
Det ljuva livet kan uppfattas på flera olika sätt. Bella Vista får en att sväva på moln och minnas Sarah-popen och mespop till 500 procent.   --Delicious Goldfish
Bella Vista marca o número 3 do catálogo da Matinée com o single "Was the Last". É o meu preferido. Alternando vocais masculinos e femininos, lembrando às vezes o Go Sailor, com 4 canções rápidas e energéticas, esse compacto conseguiu me conquistar. Sempre boto "Was the Last", a primeira do lado A, para dançar como os anorak-kids sozinho em meu quarto. Uma delícia! E esse é o debut da banda! Mal posso esperar pelo próximo!   --Esquizofrenia