Bubblegum Lemonade - Never Have I Ever EP

matda028  /  July 2022
Bubblegum Lemonade - Never Have I Ever EP
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Bubblegum Lemonade - Never Have I Ever EP

matda028  /  July 2022

'Never Have I Ever’ is the brilliant lead single from the forthcoming new album 'Lawrence of Suburbia’ by Scottish favorites Bubblegum Lemonade. The song is an infectious radio-friendly hit with clever lyrics, tambourine, keyboards, and jangling guitars. To celebrate the summer, the EP also features 'Sun Kiss Of Life’ (with ace backing vocals from Sandra of fellow Scottish band Strawberry Whiplash) and ‘At The Pool’—both non-album tracks exclusive to this release!

  1. Never Have I Ever
  2. Sun Kiss Of Life
  3. At The Pool


I'm thrilled today to premiere a new track from Glasgow band Bubblegum Lemonade. "Never Have I Ever" is the first taste of the group's upcoming Jangleadelica on Matinée Recordings. And, conveniently, it's also the title track from a new three-song EP out today on the same label. Buoyant in the way that Belle & Sebastian stuff is, and full of a judicious sense of jangle-pop and the genre's best qualities, the cut is a delight. This one chimes and its plaintive vocals echo both the Sixties pioneers of pop, as well as a host of Scottish indie legends from the Eighties until now. This is damn catchy too! "Never Have I Ever" is out today on Matinée Recordings. —A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

BMX Bandits, The Primary 5, The Pastels, Belle and Sebastian, Eugenius, Orange Juice and so many more. Scottish Pop of the 80/90s has had such a bearing on where jangly indie-pop and twee-pop has ended up over the years. Perhaps the unsung hero of the modern movement of such an aesthetic is the Bubblegum Lemonade project of fellow Scot, Laz McCluskey. This artiste has released five albums and nine EP’s of indie-pop brilliance on a Matinee Recordings label that has been his home since 2007. Never settling for uniformity, McClusky’s latest Never Have I Ever EP is typical of the always eclectic mix that invariably frequents his releases. Initially the title track, is everything the sound of Scottish-pop yesteryear is famed for. Jangly, fey, ridiculously catchy and with an essence of absolute cool that it is hard to decipher the exact origin of, this is ‘the’ Bubblegum Lemonade appeal that McCluskey will most be remembered for when he finally hangs up his 12 string and is a solid choice as a first single/offering from the forthcoming Jangledelica album. The remainder of the release offers two vastly different non-album tracks. Sun Kiss of Life moves much further into bedroom-pop territories. All perfectly assumed under-production, pop-rock melodies and the augmentation of McCluskeys slightly off-kilter vocals, this track is lo-fi at its absolute best. Finally, At The Pool continues the lo-fi production and juxtaposes 50s style pop rhythms to modern day indie pop and chiming jangled riffs to provide the sort of pop-tune that McLuskey seems to regularly pluck out of nowwhere with consummate ease. It’s all BMX Bandits / Duglas T Stewart in its furtive dance along inflections and is arguably the stand out of the release. I am not quite sure when the new album will be out, however I have every follow button pressed to ensure my completist Bubblegum Lemonade CD collection remain intact ! —Janglepophub

One of our favorite janglepop artists is Laz McCluskey, aka Bubblegum Lemonade. A fan of, and influenced by, The Byrds, The Monkeys and other purveyors of upbeat, jangling guitar pop, the Rickenbacker-wielding dude has been thrilling us for years. Later this year he will deliver new 12-track LP Jangleadelica. But the new treats start right now, as Laz has released a three-song EP titled Never Have I Ever. The title track is taken from the upcoming album and is an effervescent delight. The other songs on the EP are "Sun Kiss Of Life" and "At The Pool", both non-album tracks. Sounds like summer, doesn't it? The EP is available now via Matinée Recordings and other digital sellers. —When You Motor Away

Scottish indie popsters Bubblegum Lemonade will be releasing their new album, and the follow up to 2019's Desperately Seeking Sunshine, later this year via Matinée Recordings. Titled Jangleadelica it features 12 new tracks including the just released single Never Have I Ever. That single is a burst of indiepop that is inspired by the love of the 1960s and 1980s combined resulting in an audio version of a popping candy explosion in the mouth. It’s backed with two non-album tracks in the shape of Sun Kiss Of Life and At The Pool. The former features the backing vocals of Sandra (Strawberry Whiplash) whilst the latter is a 1950s inspired track that would fit perfectly into any road movie soundtrack. The Never Have I Ever EP can be purchased digitally from the label. —Records I Like

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard the charming voice of Laz and his project, Bubblegum Lemonade, but man, what a way to return. I’m immediately drawn to the guitar sound, as I’m sure many of the pop aficionados will be too! Then there’s something really special about the his voice seems to rush into the verses, only to turn into a gentle melody a few syllables later, buoyed by sublime backing vocals. Plus, there’s a nice little mid-tune change around the 1:20 mark that gives a nice little emphatic bit of harmony to the song before dancing its way into a handclap-laden solo. Always love his work; the Never Have I Ever EP is out via Matinée Recordings, with a brand new LP slated to come out later in the year! —Austin Town Hall

The good news: everyone’s favorite twee power poppers Bubblegum Lemonade have come out of pandemic hibernation with a new three song single. The best news: It is the lead-up single to a new full length called Jangleadelica that will be out later this year via Matinée Recordings. Bubbblegum Lemonade sound in particularly good shape on Never Have I Ever and non album cut At The Pool. Extremely infectious, positive mood inducing quality pop from Scotland that should put a smile on your face if you long for the up tempo mid career material of Belle And Sebastian.  The digital single is available for streaming in loads of places and out now through Matinée Recordings. —Add to Wantlist

This is the first single from the forthcoming Bubblegum Lemonade album to be released on Matinée Recordings later in the year. With an album title of 'Jangleadelica' it is no surprise that this latest Laz McCluskey release continues with a 'Never Have I Ever' single that juxtaposes the child like playfulness of fellow acts like the BMX Bandits with the jangliest of indie-pop fey of U.S. Highball. Always superb value for money, this single is also released digitally with a couple of non album tracks on an EP. —Janglepophub (Singles of the Week)

Si chiama “Never Have I Ever” il primno assaggio da “Jangleadelica”, il nuovo album targato Bubblegum Lemonade. Un classico pezzo in cui troviamo tutto quello che ci piace di questa band. In realtà il brano è contenuto in un EP che offre altre 2 canzoni che non saranno sul disco, in uscita a breve via Matinee. La morbida e carezzevole “Sun Kiss Of Life” (con la presenza di Sandra degli Strawberry Whiplash) e la pimpante e surfeggiante “At The Pool” completano l’uscita. Ottimo antipasto! —Indie for Bunnies

Si hace poquito comentaba que saldrá nuevo trabajo de Northern Portrait con matinée recordings, parece que desde el sello este año nos va a traer todavía más noticias buenas, por ejemplo, un nuevo trabajo de Bubblegum Lemonade: jangleadelica. Laz McCluskey es el artista detrás de Bubblegum Lemonade y el de Glasgow tiene bien clara su querencia por el twee-pop y las guitarras jangle. Así, en jangleadelica (a nadie se le escapa ese homenaje a Primal Scream) retoma esas influencias de pop elegante de bandas como US. Highball, Belle & Sebastian, BMX Bandits y esas guitarras Rickenbacker propias de grupos como The Byrds o The Monkees. De momento solo hemos conocido un primer EP que ha salido para presentar el primer single: Never Have I Ever. Todo un himno de jangle-pop que huele a verano y nos deja una melodía memorable. Formará parte del próximo disco, aunque eso sí, los otros dos cortes (que no hemos podido escuchar) no estarán en el disco: Sun kiss of life, donde pone también voz Sandra, la cantante de Strawberry Whiplash, y At the pool. Sinceramente, con este calor insoportable hay ganas de álbumes tan veraniegos que nos hagan pensar en lo cerca que están las vacaciones y la playa.Nebrija Records