Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday EP

matinée 016  /  August 2000
Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday EP
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Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday EP

matinée 016  /  August 2000

Edson is a six-piece hailing from Stockholm, Sweden that contributed two songs to the brilliant Sound of Young Sweden compilation released last year on Summersound Recordings. Combining strong melodies, excellent vocals and multiple guitars with trumpet, flute, melodica, and glockenspiel, the band hailed as Sweden's answer to Belle and Sebastian may have more in common with the Colourfield, Beautiful South or Velvet Underground. Matinée is honored to release Edson's American debut featuring Sunday, Lovely Sunday, 22:22, September and Terry Whips.

  1. Sunday, Lovely Sunday
  2. 22:22 (We Need A Quarrel, We Need A Fight)
  3. September
  4. Terry Whips


With names like Mats, Ulf, and Pelle it's a good bet to say these guys are Swedish plus they have a few ace songs (the title was one of them) on the great Sound of Young Sweden comp. that Summersound released a few years ago. Pelle Carlberg is the man here and the guy is a natural at penning wistful, jangly pop tunes with clever lyrics that stick to the ribs. The secret weapon, however, is Helena who with the help of her glockenspiel, melodica and flute bring the songs to a new level of pop-dom. If you know what I mean? Chalk this up as yet another winner from Matinée.   --Dagger
Delicious male sung Swedish pop (English vocals) with feel good melodies, romantic strum, happy trumpet and dreamy glockenspiel, flute, etc... A must have!   --Twee Kitten
This is janglepop which includes a variety of instruments, creating different moods - the title track has trumpet and flute which give it a sophisticated, grown-up feel, whereas September includes a glockenspiel, making it sound quite cute. September is my favourite track here, its chorus has vocal harmonies and is really catchy.   --Aquamarine
This four song EP was the first release of this Swedish band. While they retain many of the similarities of their compatriots, Edson tend to tow a more mellow line. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. This certainly has its moments, and aside from the title track, the next best is probably September, which is a lovely little song.   --Indie Spinzone