Melodie Group - Raincoat EP

matinée 020  /  November 2000
Melodie Group - Raincoat EP
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Melodie Group - Raincoat EP

matinée 020  /  November 2000

New four song EP quickly follows the band's promising debut Seven Songs. Lead track "You've Got the Whole of the World In Your Mouth" is a two-minute pop explosion with chiming guitars and superb vocals that recall the jangling best of early Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. "Raincoat" showcases excellent vocal harmonizing and guitar strumming that will have you digging for old records from the Loft. "Magic Robot" mixes mid-period Echo and the Bunnymen with a hint of modern electronica, while "Goodbye" is a tearful closer that evokes the moodiness of the Go Betweens. Four A-sides on this soon-to-be-classic single!

  1. You've Got the Whole of the World In Your Mouth
  2. Raincoat
  3. Magic Robot
  4. Goodbye


I often wish I could distil and bottle whatever it is that separates the good from the bad. Why do some apologetic fey boys make me want to puke and some leave me beaming? The Groove Farm were only an indie pop band, but I liked it, and Melodiegroup, despite the krautish name, are another on the side of the angels. Pastels, Wedding Present and 1986 are all here along with charm and chiming brilliance. MagicRobot, for reasons other than the obvious, is the pick of the four.   --Robots and Electronic Brains
Four new songs from this band that not only sounds like the Windmills, it has most of the same members! Like their last ep, these songs are jangly pop, and quite catchy, as well. Musical references (besides the Windmills) would include the Orchids and the Servants.   --IndiePages
I grow particularly fond of "Raincoat", a delicate homily to effective outdoor wear, perfect for when you've locked yourself out (on the other hand I may have misread the metaphors here).   --In Love With These Times In Spite Of These Times
Relaxed and classy strum 'n jangle out of the U.K. Very good stuff. Recommended.   --Twee Kitten
This is Roy Thirlwall from The Windmills who released the fine lp "Edge of August" a year or two ago. I guess Roy is so prolific that he has to have another outlet for his songs and this four songer mines similar territory to the Go-Betweens especially on the title track, a gorgeous 3-minute jangler while "Magic Robot" was a little peppier and the other two songs were fine as well.   --Dagger
...worth a listen for anyone into 80s style janglepop.   --Aquamarine