Sweet William - Dutch Mother EP

matinée 001  /  December 1997
Sweet William - Dutch Mother EP
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Sweet William - Dutch Mother EP

matinée 001  /  December 1997

Brilliant debut single by this Australian trio blending Morrissey-esque vocals with guitars that alternate between soothing strum and energetic jangle. These three heartfelt songs match melancholia and technologia to demonstrate keen influence by the Field Mice and the Smiths.

  1. Dutch Mother
  2. A Map Of The World
  3. I Left Mine Behind


Objectively speaking, this is the best record I have heard in the past two years. Perhaps it is the Morrissey-esque vocals, the subtle, yet infectious electronic beats. The predecessor to the equally essential "Ambiguous" cd-ep on Twee Kitten, "Dutch Mother" is a shining moment in a pop world filled with monotonous records. Upon first listen, the title-track reminds me of the Smiths "This Charming Man" in both lyrical and songwriting capacities. There is plenty of jangle and hum n' strum guitar on this record, a direct Johnny Marr influence is easily heard. "A Map of the World" sweetly explores the world of a young recluse who has had their heart broken. While "I Left Mine Behind" is the perfect record for the Sarah Records aficionado. Lyrically brilliant, ingeniously orchestrated, and masterfully performed. Adelaide, Australia's Sweet William is headed towards a promising future. Heading in a direction that will lead them to be compared with OZ's other countless legends. The Smiths, Field Mice, Sugargliders- Sweet William draws on all of these sources to create a record that will stand the test of time. A magnificent moment that will hopefully only spell the beginning of James Tassos' blooming pop empire, Matinée Records.   --Twee Kitten
I confess I got this at the time because the cover was so Rough Trade /Smiths looking I had to have it. (this was some years ago already and I had not heard of Sweet William, or Matinée) This also has the notoriety of being the very first Matinée single, which I suppose makes it a collectors item now. It's also odd in that it's a split single as the A side is 45 rpm and the B is 33. This 7" introduced me to a sound I loved (but that would become TOO familiar over the next couple of years), yet at the time it was very welcome and I still prefer this to his newer simpatico stuff I think. A must own if you can find one, and there's the rub. A must own modern pop classic.   --Indie Spinzone
Sweet William is defunct, but the posthumous album, World of Books, did not compile the singles. This first one, the debut release from Matinée Records, has an a-side that would fit right in on The The's Soul Mining, and b-sides that remind me of Tirez Tirez and the Smiths ("A Map of the World") and the Feelies and Everything but the Girl ("I Left Mine Behind"). Black, but A45/B33, so pay attention or get smurfed.   --The War Against Silence
Dutch Mother has 3 tracks of early Field Mice-like indiepop, and is definitely my favourite of all the Sweet William releases I've heard.   --Aquamarine
O primeiro lançamento da Matinée foi um compacto do Sweet William chamado Dutch Mother. Aliás, a banda também marca presença mais um vez, lançando o 7" de número 6 da gravadora chamado `Lovely Norman. Nesses dois compactos encontramos 6 canções (3 em cada) que nos remetem ao pop melancólico de Field Mice, Brigther e companhia (leia-se Sarah Records). É uma banda nova (como quase todas da Matinée) e a discografia se resume a esses dois 7"s e outros dois lançados um na Library Records e outro na Twee Kitten (esse sendo um CD single). Provavelmente teremos um álbum em breve. Enquanto isso, esses singles servem como perfeita introdução.   --Esquizofrenia