The Royal Landscaping Society - Means of Production

matcd088  /  January 2022
The Royal Landscaping Society - Means of Production
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The Royal Landscaping Society - Means of Production

matcd088  /  January 2022

Spanish band The Royal Landscaping Society formed in Seville in 2012 as a solo project, then expanded into a band, and eventually shrunk to a duo with Cris Romero on vocals, guitar, synths, and machines and David Vidal on bass. With an obvious love for the breezier side of indiepop, the band mixes crystalline guitars and electronics to create shimmery romantic pop that has earned comparisons to Sarah Records legends Brighter and The Field Mice, among others.

In addition to live appearances at the Indietracks Festival and the Birmingham Popfest, the band has released a clutch of celebrated songs on various international labels over the years. The brilliant ‘Means of Production’ collects these various songs into an incredibly cohesive album that will hopefully reach the bigger audience the band rightly deserves.

The album features six tracks from the band’s 2014 eponymous mini-album on French label Beko Disques, a song from a special Beko Olympics compilation, the auspicious Matinée debut from the ‘Matinée Idols’ compilation in 2017, and their incredible contribution to Matinée’s World Cup EP in 2018. It also includes eight tremendous cover versions of indie classics including songs originally performed by Adorable, The Cure, Etienne Daho, Harper Lee, McCarthy, Slowdive, The Softies, and They Go Boom! All tracks have been meticulously remastered by the band exclusively for this definitive collection.

The band is working on three simply stunning new recordings that will be released on a 7″ single for Matinée next. In the meantime, catch up with their impressive backstory perfectly curated on the ‘Means of Production’ album.

  1. Goodbye
  2. Bleu Comme Toi
  3. 2010
  4. Clean
  5. Red Sleeping Beauty
  6. Friends and Lovers
  7. Machine Gun
  8. Moon
  9. Pictures Of You
  10. Frost
  11. Autumn
  12. Swim
  13. I Love You More
  14. La La La
  15. This Gift
  16. A to Fade In
  17. Early Sunrays


Today our thoughts turned to landscaping. We didn't actually go out and tend the garden. Instead we nestled in our favorite chair and cued up Means of Production, the new album by The Royal Landscaping Society. The album is a stunningly lovely and uplifting landscape of romantic pop songs. Generously packed with 17 songs collected from various past records and covers of worthy indie pop peers, it is an album to cherish and will seem as fresh in a decade as it does today. We intend to sit by the fire and listen to this one several more time before bed. Based in Seville, Spain, The Royal Landscaping Society is a duo consisting of Chris Romero (vocals/guitars/synths/machines) and David Vidal (bass). Means of Production is out now via Matinée Recordings. —When You Motor Away

Lo abbiamo già detto che la nostra amata Matinée Recordings sta scaldando i motori per un 2022 entusiasmante, in vista del 25° anniversario dell’etichetta. Abbiamo già parlato dei Lucksmiths e della loro ristampa in vinile e ora è tempo di soffermarsi sull’attesissimo album “Means of Production” dei favolosi spagnoli The Royal Landscaping Society. The Royal Landscaping Society è una progetto formatosi a Siviglia nel 2012 come avventura solista, poi si è espanso in una band, e alla fine si è ridotto a un duo con Cris Romero alla voce, chitarra, synth e macchine e David Vidal al basso. La band ha sempre mescolato chitarre cristalline ed elettronica per creare un pop romantico, malinconico e toccante,  che si è guadagnato il confronto con le leggende della Sarah Records Brighter e The Field Mice. La band, nel corso cdegli anni, ha pubblicato una serie di brani su svariate varie etichette. “Means of Production'” arriva a  mettere un po’ di ordine, raccogliendo queste varie canzoni in un album che diventa essenziale testimonianza del percorso del gruppo spagnolo. L’album contiene sei tracce dal mini-album eponimo della band del 2014, uscito per l’etichetta francese Beko Disques, una canzone da una compilation speciale Beko Olympics, il debutto per la Matinée tratto dalla compilation “Matinée Idols” nel 2017 e il loro incredibile contributo al “Matinée’s World Cup” EP  datato 2018. Non mancano anche 8 cover di classici indie pescati dalla discografia di Adorable, The Cure, Etienne Daho, Harper Lee, McCarthy, Slowdive, The Softies e They Go Boom!. Tutte le tracce sono state meticolosamente rimasterizzate dalla band esclusivamente per questa compilation definitiva. La band sta lavorando a tre nuove registrazioni  che saranno pubblicate su un 7″, atteso più avanti nel corso dell’anno ovviamente per Matinée. Nel frattempo, ecco tutto il loro magnifico passato, nell’attesa di un glorioso presente… —Indie for Bunnies