Various - The Official Matinée World Cup EP

matinée 098  /  June 2018
Various - The Official Matinée World Cup EP
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Various - The Official Matinée World Cup EP

matinée 098  /  June 2018

Matinée bands celebrate the 2018 World Cup with five exclusive soccer-themed anthems to soundtrack the 21st international tournament this summer.

Australian stars Last Leaves kick things off with the splendid guitar pop classic ‘Golden Days To Come’ with its call and response chorus, trumpets, and a choir of fanatics to cheer on the Socceroos.

Swedish band Red Sleeping Beauty makes its Matinée debut with the glorious electric pop hit ‘Dressed In Yellow And Blue’ featuring an infectious chorus about one life-changing goal in the summertime.

Spanish duo The Royal Landscaping Society shows its support for La Furia Roja with the absolutely mesmerizing track ‘2010’ recalling Spain’s World Cup championship earlier this decade.

English legends The Popguns deliver in spades with ‘Red White And Blue’ posing the question “is it so unimaginable thinking we could win?” and using brilliant harmonies, furious guitars, cheering crowds, and handclaps to advance the English side to the next round.

Finally, Brazilian popstars Pale Sunday break a six-year silence with the ace fuzz pop song ‘Dirt Pitch Superstars’ in honor of their team’s campaign for an unprecedented sixth World Cup victory.

An essential release for Matinée and soccer enthusiasts alike, ‘The Official Matinée World Cup EP’ is a fun diversion from the games and a guaranteed score for summertime playlists.

  1. Last Leaves - Golden Days To Come
  2. Red Sleeping Beauty - Dressed In Yellow And Blue
  3. The Royal Landscaping Society - 2010
  4. The Popguns - Red White And Blue
  5. Pale Sunday - Dirt Pitch Superstars


Matinée bands celebrate the 2018 World Cup with a football themed soundtrack to the big event of the summer (well for some anyway), personally I’m not convinced that any of countries represented on this EP will win the tournament (France would be my tip), but throwing away any objectivity and shedding the inventible disappointment that will surely prevail I’m hoping for a final between The Popguns (England) and Pale Sunday (Brazil) with of course a win for my home nation, I think The Royal Landscaping Society (Spain) could figure in the final days of the tournament too but alas despite the excellent tunes from Last Leaves (Australia) and Red Sleeping Beauty (Sweden) I can’t see either making it through to the final week, but what do I know………………… well only that the tracks on this EP are all winners!   --Beat Surrender
Well the excitement is reaching fever pitch (?!!) here in SWIT towers. Gerry is out on the balcony playing keepy-uppy (without a ball!, don’t ask), we’ve installed a bar and I’ve styled my beard à la Brazilian legend Socrates. Our good friends Red Sleeping Beauty contacted us about their unofficial Swedish (150/1) anthem “Dressed In Yellow And Blue”, yes it’s another classic electro-pop tune, as we’ve come to expect and the lyrics sum up very neatly how we all feel when we have a team in this greatest of competitions. Don’t you know that a goal can change your life? Yes, yes we do. In fact, I’ve included the one that changed mine below. Even though the boys in green are not there this year, we’ll enjoy it just as much (or maybe even more). “Dressed In Yellow And Blue” is one of five tracks on this rather delicious Official Matinée World Cup EP from California’s legendary Matinée Recordings. Red Sleeping Beauty are joined by Aussie (300/1) whimsicalists Last Leaves with the jaunty, terrace-chant inducing ‘Golden Days To Come’. Seville’s duo The Royal Landscaping Society get all nostalgic when looking back to the astonishing Spanish (6/1) team that lifted the trophy in “2010”. Let’s hope they can avoid the absolute calamity of 4 years ago this time out! Speaking of calamity, Brazil’s (9/2) Pale Sunday release their first song in six-years – ‘Dirt Pitch Superstars’, a pulsing, fuzztastic pop thrill. One can only think this Brazil side is a very different proposition than the team that fell apart last time out and they’re my pick for the cup (they always are, man I love those yellow shirts!) Brighton’s The Popguns produce a trademark evocative beauty with ‘Red White And Blue’, asking “is it so unimaginable thinking we could win?” and it would almost make you believe that England (18/1) could, almost……   --Super World Indie Tunes
There’s a World Cup on (you may have noticed). And so, that thorny question of who to support. Last time, more sunnily-disposed to world geopolitics, we started with a small list but ended up cheering on about 27 teams. This time, it feels like the other way around: everyone’s a baddie now. Should we punish nations for their illiberal regimes (if so, we’re pleased there’s no USA, Italy or Hungary, but what to make of our traditional soft spots for Poland or Iran? How can you stay true to your globalist credentials if rooting for Saudi Arabia or Russia?) This year, the “dream final” for us might well have involved Iceland playing Peru but that was never going to happen, was it? And if the EU had its own team, would we support that? Probably, if it annoyed Brexit-types. Actually, just to annoy them, we’ll support all 32 teams anyway (even those that have gone out). Being citizens of the world. Luckily - or else this next record would never have got made - there are five Matinée Recordings galácticos who have brushed aside such qualms, and just entered into the spirit of the thing: writing odes to their chosen nations on a sprightly, summer-themed v/a EP, rather than carping from the sidelines. The good news (or bad news, depending on where you stand) is that each crack pop combo hits you with something that’s recognisably theirs: musically, there’s nothing too maverick going on here. Over to our man in the commentary box: “And Last Leaves (Australia, for those of you who have been living in caves) kick off with “Golden Days To Come”, which sees them at their most breezy and bright-eyed, co-opting backing shouts and blissful brass. Then there’s some neat build-up play from new signings Red Sleeping Beauty (Sverige), who give “Dressed in Yellow And Blue” an electro-tastic melodo-pop makeover (“a goal can change your life”). And now, Royal Landscaping Society (España) run with the ball in midfield – showing off the mournful, pretty, tiki-taka Hal / Brighter stylings of “2010” - before delivering a beautifully-flighted arc of a pass to the Popguns (England). Their “Red White And Blue”, surprisingly emotionally charged as it hurtles forward with raw guitar angst, sweetly delivers an incisive cross into the box. And then longtime ilwtt,isott heroes Pale Sunday (Brasil) rise salmon-like at the far post to rifle home the coup de grace, “Dirt Pitch Superstars”, a short and sharp piledriver. The onion bag ripples. The punters go (politely) fecking mental.” So Russia 2018 isn’t just a great tournament for fans of not knowing whether a goal has been scored for about 10 minutes, or for devotees of soft penalty awards. Thanks to the might of these Matinée artists, it’s already a great World Cup for indie-pop aficionados.   --In Love With These Times, In Spite Of These Times
With the football, soccer if you prefer, World Cup kicking off next week Matinee Recordings have released a World Cup EP featuring five songs from five artists from countries partaking in this years tournament. Australia’s Last Leaves give us some jangle pop complete with cheering crowds whilst Spain’s The Royal Landscaping Society song harks back to their 2010 triumph. Their are more cheering crowds on The Popguns effort Red White And Blue with the band doing their usual thing driving England on to another quarter final defeat – if they make it pass the group stage this time that is! Brazil’s Pale Sunday surface with their first new material for six years with Dirt Pitch Superstars willing the tournament favourites on towards their sixth successful world cup campaign. Highlight for me though is Sweden’s Red Sleeping Beauty’s cover of The Charade’s 2006 effort Dressed In Yellow and Blue turning a jangling indie pop classic into a synth pop dance floor essential. Red Sleeping Beauty’s Magnus Karlsson is a member of both bands of course. Regardless of whether this is seen as a novelty release there are some good songs here and it’s a great opportunity for Matinee to flex their muscles and show how strong their roster is. Result! The Official Matinée World Cup is available on CD and digital formats now.   --Records I Like
Football fever is engulfing my office right now in Australia - this means me and at least one other person are talking about the World Cup coming up. Good timing then as Matinee are serving up an EP of five football songs by five different bands. Last Leaves from Australia kick this off with a chorus replete with call and response vocals about how excited they are about the World Cup - trumpets too. Very apt. I’m sceptical about Australia’s chances though with too much reliance on an ageing Cahill. Red Sleeping Beauty from Sweden are up next with a more disco-y track featuring drum machine and synth with the line “Don’t you know that a goal can change your life?” Ain’t that the truth? Just ask Loris Karius. Sweden should do alright - it's a tough group they're in but they could qualify in 2nd, then maybe come a cropper in the knockout stages. The Royal Landscaping Society are from Spain and their song is called “2010” which is when Spain won the World Cup for the first time. It’s kind of shimmering and melancholy pop. Spain are in turmoil right now - should still do alright. England’s hopes are focussed on by The Popguns and this one is the most “football” football song on here - I’ve reviewed that track on here previously before the last Euros - it's got handclaps and everything. They’re hoping the right Harry Kane will turn up and not the one who kept stitching me up this season on Fantasy Football when I persisted in captaining him ahead of Mo Salah. Who knows how England will do - quarter finals maybe? The last song here is by indie poppers Pale Sunday from Brazil and is the brilliantly titled “Dirt Pitch Superstars”. Wonder how Brazil will do this time around. Probably hoping they don't meet Germany again.   --Collective Zine
It is just about time for World Cup 2018. Fans of the participating countries, and unaffiliated fans of the beautiful game, will be focused on cheering for their favorite team in every match. Of course, musicians are not immune to such passions, and have even been known to compose songs about their teams. Some of such songs are good, and some of such songs can even be played in polite company. Today we bring you The Official Matinee World Cup EP, a hot-off-the-press compilation from Matinee Recordings featuring songs by five bands whose fellow countrymen will compete for the ultimate prize. Last Leaves from Australia sings of "Golden Days To Come". Sweden's Red Sleeping Beauty is regarding the team "Dressed In Yellow And Blue". The Spanish contribution from The Royal Landscaping Society reminds us who won in "2010". "Red White And Blue" is the The Popguns ode to their English team. Brazil's Pale Sunday contributes "Dirt Pitch Superstars", reminding us of the impromptu pitches that nurture the seemingly endless youth talent supplying their national side. The games begin next week, so now is the time to load up on modern anthems in digital or CD format. We already have our copy, and it will feature prominently at happy hour at least until this WC is over. And because it is good music, and national leagues start up again in August, we'll probably keep playing it.   --When You Motor Away
I think in earlier despatches we promised football releases song smithery, this being the day when the World Cup takes a momentary break before the knock out celebrations, we thought you’d be in need of a soccer fix. Step to the plate Matinee recordings who’ve a rather spiffing 5 track EP currently doing the rounds entitled the ‘the official Matinee World Cup’ EP that finds the nations of Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Australia and England all sharing the spoils. Alas we’ve managed to lose sight of the email that came attached with it, so such things as transfer speculations and various need to know team sheet gossip we’ll have to regretfully pass up on. Anyway, first up, Last Leaves kick off proceedings with ‘golden days to come’, a classically pitched strum twee gem whose breezily casual terrace charmed eyeing had us minded of the Lucksmiths and who in injury time up the loveliness with a spot of nifty brass fanfares. Next up, Red Sleeping Beauty’s ‘dressed in yellow and blue’ is delightfully tweaked with a purring 80’s electro vibe, very Fosca I must admit all chirpily upbeat though dappled in a melancholic pop vibrancy. Not quite Colourbox, incidentally the World Cup song that never was and the best at that, we can see where the Royal Landscaping Society are going with the stately ‘’2010’, a bit New Order without the naff rap all tethered with an emotion hugging phrasing that aside being a tad becoming, punches you ever so gently beneath the belt. And then it’s the big guns being rolled out as late substitutions deep into the second half, the Popguns’ bracing fuzz rippled adore that is ‘red, white and blue’ skitters along with a breathless effervescence flanked by buzz sawing riffola and honeyed harmonies aplenty. All said, edging it in the fair play award, pale Sunday’s ‘dirt pitch superstars’ tactically pulls out all the stops, woozy organs, shimmering riffs and a pulse racing urgency, it’s enough to have you rummaging the racks for prized Another Sunny Day platters.   --The Sunday Experience
If you happen to be one of those folks who comes to this site from time to time, you know one of the labels we’ve long been behind is Matinee Recordings; we even threw up something from the label’s new Azure Blue release this week. Today, however, I can now profess my undying love of the label, as they’ve officially combined my two favorite things and put them all into one delectable ear treat with the Official Matinee World Cup EP. The label has gotten five indiepop artists from participating World Cup countries to craft brand new gems, relating to this summer’s World Cup (no US indiepop bands on this because Michael Bradley sucks). You’ve got Australia’s Last Leaves, Sweden’s Red Sleeping Beauty, England’s The Popguns, Spain’s The Royal Landscaping Society…and the first new music in years from Brazil’s Pale Sunday. Seriously, this just makes Friday worth it.   --Austin Town Hall
No USA to root for in this World Cup, kicking off today in Russia, but there is just enough for me to hold my interest. I like to support the underdogs. Since Wales, our heroes from Euro 2016, didn't make the cut, I'll move my allegiance to Iceland this time around. More importantly, Eugene Levy as Woody Tobias, Jr., is still playing for the Red Devils, meaning I have to root for Marouane Fellaini and Belgium to go far. Then there's Croatia's horse-racing unis. Yep, that's just about all I've got. Jimmy over at Matinée Recordings, however, is the real football fan over here, and I bet he and his kids will be glued to the tube the next month. To drum up excitement for the Cup, he has gathered five exclusive soccer-themed anthems from his international stable of indie-pop stars that make for a souvenir EP sure to bring you to your feet. Order your 'Official Matinée World Cup EP'. Now on with the matches.   --Linear Tracking Lives
Habíamos anticipado una de las cinco canciones porque los propios protagonistas nos la mandaron semanas atrás. Los suecos Red Sleeping Beauty hacen referencia con su canción a los colores de la equipación de su país. Al mismo tiempo es su estreno con una aportación para el sello Matinée que publica el EP. En el programa de este jueves, mientras en la tele, Rusia y Arabia Saudí jugaban el primer partido del torneo nosotros les "contraprogramamos" pinchando al completo lo que lleva dentro este "The Official Matinée World Cup". Y así rodaron los australianos Last Leaves con esas guitarras, coros infantiles y trompetas; los ingleses The Popguns que se preguntan si es que es imposible ganar (por lo lejos que les queda su Mundial en el que sí que triunfaron); la aportación, desde Brasil, de Pale Sunday, seis años después de la anterior entrega y (tachan tachan) representando a España los sevillanos The Royal Landscaping Society (Cris y David) y el recuerdo a aquel glorioso éxito de hace ocho años.   --Disco Grande
Ci sono degli australiani, degli svedesi, degli spagnoli, degli inglesi e dei brasiliani… no, non è l’inizio di una qualche storiella ironica, bensì la formazione (non a caso!) dell’Ep con la quale l’etichetta californiana Matinée celebra, a proprio modo, l’apertura del principale evento sportivo dell’anno, il campionato mondiale di calcio. Non si tratta di uno spunto casuale, bensì proprio del tema con il quale sono state chiamate a confrontarsi cinque band provenienti da altrettanti Paesi che parteciperanno alla manifestazione che si apre oggi in Russia. Per quanto possano apparire mondi distanti, calcio e indie-pop trovano quale comune denominatore il trasporto con la quale gli appassionati si avvicinano a entrambi, a volte anche contemporaneamente. Le cinque band declinano dunque, ciascuna a proprio modo e con il proprio stile, quella passione per il calcio che in simili occasioni unifica le comunità nazionali. Non possono mancare riferimenti cromatici: che siano quelli dorati australiani da parte dei Last Leaves (la scanzonata “Golden Days To Come”), quelli della tradizionale divisa inglese (la scatenata “Red White And Blue” dei Popguns) o il giallo-blu della bandiera svedese (nell’inno a base di tastiere “Dressed In Yellow And Blue” dei Red Sleeping Beauty), i colori sono perfetto elemento identificativo di popsong che celebrano l’appartenenza con la leggerezza tutta propria dell’attitudine indie-pop. Sono invece le memorie di recenti vittorie il motore che alimenta la vena sottilmente nostalgica degli The Royal Landscaping Society (“2010”), mentre con sguardo ottimista al futuro guardano i brasiliani Pale Sunday, sull’onda delle languide chitarre della conclusiva “Dirt Pitch Superstars”. Proprio come il calcio, l’indie-pop è linguaggio transazionale, che abbraccia tutto il globo; non poteva dunque esservi traccia migliore per la specializzata Matinée per compilare un Ep agile e dal sapore estivo, che per l’occasione riunisce una vera e propria “All Stars” dell’indie-pop.   --Music Won't Save You
A une semaine du lancement officiel de la Coupe du Monde de Football en Russie, le label Matinée Recordings (Math and Physics Club, Bubblegum Lemonade, Azure Blue…) publie un EP qui ravira à la fois les amateurs d’indie pop et de ballon rond. Cinq groupes de cinq pays différents proposent chacun un titre pour rythmer la compétition : les outsiders australiens de Last Leaves (un groupe composé d’anciens membres des formidables Lucksmiths) jouent la carte de l’optimisme avec Golden Days to Come, la Suède arbore fièrement ses couleurs avec Dressed In Yellow and Blue de Red Sleeping Beauty tandis que les Espagnols The Royal Landscaping Society jettent un coup d’œil nostalgique dans le rétroviseur avec 2010. Les vétérans britanniques de The Popguns, quant à eux, rêvent tout haut de reproduire l’exploit de 1966 (Red White and Blue) et les Brésiliens de Pale Sunday (Dirt Pitch Superstars) entrent enfin en jeu pour tenter faire oublier le naufrage de 2014 et, pourquoi pas, accrocher une sixième étoile au maillot de la Seleção. The Official Matinée World Cup EP est disponible en CD et en version numérique.   --Fanfare
Che siate appassionati di calcio importa o meno, certo che questa volta il connubio musica e sport ha la sua importanza, visto che la Matinée Recordings pubblica una compilation dedicata agli imminenti campionati del mondo. “The Official Matinée World Cup EP” uscirà nel mese di giugno e vede presenti cinque band di nazioni che saranno ai mondiali di calcio in Russia. Non essendoci l’Italia, magari ci verrà voglia di tifare una di queste nazioni rappresentate nella compilation…   --Indie for Bunnies
El sello Matinée Recordings acaba de lanzar un delicioso eP con motivo de la inminente Copa Mundial de la FIFA Rusia 2018. En él cinco artistas animan a sus selecciones con otros tantos himnos con temática deportista. Los australianos Last Leaves, los suecos Red Sleeping Beauty, los españoles The Royal Landscaping Society, los británicos The Popguns y los brasileños Pale Sunday firman los cortes de está golosina que en sus momentos más inspirados nos evocan al "World in Motion" de New Order. Si el mundial lo sentenciaran estas canciones, iríamos a muerte con España (Cris Romero y David Vidal recuerdan "2010", el año de nuestro único triunfo) y Suecia y sus preciosas aportaciones technopop.   --astre du pop
Ahora que la copa del mundo está a un paso, el sello americano Matinée Recordings lanzó hace unos días el EP ‘The Official Matinée World Cup’, dentro del cual se incluye un tema de los brasileros Pale Sunday, además de otras bandas consagradas de alrededor del mundo. Impecable música.   --Latin American Twee
Dunque oggi cominciano questi Mondiali di Russia, e devo confessare che non sento esattamente molta eccitazione a riguardo, tanto per usare un eufemismo. Se però anche un torneo di partite di calcio tra squadre nazionali diventa una scusa per ascoltare una nuova canzone dei nostri amati Last Leaves allora potrei tutto a un tratto interessarmi e forse anche fingere di tifare. Si intitola Golden Days To Come e ci arriva grazie alla cara Matinée Recordings, che ha messo assieme una piccola compilation intitolata The Official Matinée World Cup EP. Dietro una copertina a dire il vero non molto invitante, racchiude alcune belle canzoni indiepop: oltre agli australiani eredi dei Lucksmiths, troviamo anche i Red Sleeping Beauty a rappresentare la Svezia con una cover synth-pop di Dressed In Yellow And Blue degli Charade, i redivivi Pale Sunday a supportare la vittoria del Brasile (mi dicono che sarebbe la sesta: un record), gli inglesi Popguns, i più entusiasti del team, che giustamente incitano i colori Red White And Blue, e gli spagnoli Royal Landscaping Society, che invece si abbandonano alla malinconia, ricordando il titolo vinto nel 2010. L'EP esce in cd e digitale, garantisce la storica label californiana: praticamente un gol a porta vuota.   --Polaroid