Bubblegum Lemonade - Out There On The Radio EP

matda031  /  September 2023
Bubblegum Lemonade - Out There On The Radio EP
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Bubblegum Lemonade - Out There On The Radio EP

matda031  /  September 2023

On this second single from the forthcoming Bubblegum Lemonade album, Laz and Matinée Recordings renew their musical vows with something old, something new, and something blue.

The new is ‘Out There on the Radio’, a jangleadelic slice of radio-friendly guitar pop which recalls the Primal Scream off-shoot Spirea-X, for anyone of a certain age.  Unusually, the song is presented from the point of view of the muse, rather than the creative.

The blue is the reflective ‘One Hundred Wishes’, with its muscular sliding chord riffs and vocal harmonies by Sandra from fellow Scots, Strawberry Whiplash.

The old is ‘New Clothes for the Old Gods’, a song initially recorded back in 2011 that somehow never found a suitable slot on previous releases.  A fully paid-up Bubblegum classic, the stroboscope guitars and skipped drum beats sound like something from the Mary Chain’s ‘Automatic’ album, but with an extra helping of guitar feedback.

‘Out There on the Radio’ will appear on the new album ‘Lawrence of Suburbia’ later this year, while the other two tracks are exclusive to this release. 

  1. Out There On The Radio
  2. One Hundred Wishes
  3. New Clothes For The Old Gods


There’s always room in my listening rotation for Laz and Bubblegum Lemonade; Laz has been blending his love for classic guitar pop with modern indie pop, and this new tune’s the perfect example. There’s a nice little thumping drum setting the tempo, as a guitar rides right atop, opening the track into this twisting breed of jangling guitar pop. Despite the natural lightheartedness in the tune, some of the guitars take on some heavier psychedelic notes that really flesh the tune out beyond your average fare. There’s also this cool driving stomp that kicks in just around the 2 minute mark that was a total ear-worm. This track features on the Out There on the Radio EP, out Friday via Matinée Recordings. An LP is expected later this year! —Austin Town Hall

Two factors dictate what we publish: 1. Our tastes; and 2. Available time (this is volunteer activity in addition to work, family, and running through the neighborhood petting dogs). But one rule is that we always make the time for the musical efforts of Laz McCluskey, whether it comes via his Strawberry Whiplash project or, as is the case here, his solo Bubblegum Lemonade. The new record is a three track single titled Out There On The Radio. The lead track will also appear on Laz's upcoming album, while the other two tracks just intended for this release. For just three tracks, the soundscape on this record is delightfully varied with jangle, fuzz, noise pop, and a some post punk that is a bit more muscular than many past Bubblegum Lemonade songs, all accented with pleasant vocals and some welcome harmonies. Out There On The Radio is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Matinée Recordings. —When You Motor Away

Scottish popster Lawrence “Laz” McCluskey is back with three new songs which are among his finest. A primer for an upcoming full-length (Lawrence of Suburbia) due out later this year. Actually, only two of these songs are new (more on that in a minute). The title track had a really deep 60’s vibe to it with some righteous fuzz on the guitars. Definitely one of my favorite BL songs. “One Hundred Wishes” has some slammin’ guitar throughout (that riff) and some lovely vocals from Sandra, from Laz’s other band Strawberry Whiplash. The final cut, “New Clothes for the Old Gods,” is an old one, over a decade old in fact, but never found a home on a BL release until now (and I’m really glad it did). Other than the title track the other two are exclusive. Three more ultra-fine songs and as usual, another cool, colorful cover. —Dagger Zine