Azure Blue - Event Horizon

matda015  /  June 2019
Azure Blue - Event Horizon
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Azure Blue - Event Horizon

matda015  /  June 2019

The absolutely brilliant third single from the new Azure Blue album 'Images Of You' is a dark but hopeful story about love in the time of climate change that showcases captivating melodies, a soaring chorus, and a certain Spanish flair.

  1. Event Horizon


The hot streak that Tobias has been on with his Azure Blue project just keeps on rolling forward. This track, off his forthcoming LP, hits hard almost immediately, darkly pulsing with synth work once you press play. But, then things get pulled back just a hint, allowing for Isaksson to lay on his thick blanket of pop crooning atop the song. Listening through, I think I like, more and more, the fact that the chorus is barely discernible; there’s a little bit of a twist on the percussive beat, but overall, everything blends together so seamlessly that you’re just washed over by this charming tune. 'Images of You' will be available courtesy of Matinée Recordings at the end of June.   --Austin Town Hall
“Event Horizon” is the latest song Matinée is letting us preview of the wonderful new Azure Blue album “Images of You”! It is brilliant. I can’t wait for the album. It is already to pre-order with June as its release date. So I guess it will be out any day now? From what I’ve heard, it is already a favourite record this year.   --Cloudberry Cake Proselytism
Event Horizon is the latest single to be lifted from the forthcoming 'Images Of You' album from Azure Blue. I bet given its soaring melodies it will be one of the album highlights – if not the highlight of course! Vibrant yet dark.   --Records I Like
Swedish synthpop artist, Azure Blue, have released a new single Event Horizon. If I were going to introduce someone to modern synthpop, I very well might start with this song. This track has smooth synths, catchy vocals and a great melody. It would not be out of place in a John Hughes movie. This track is off the forthcoming album Images Of You, due out on June 14.   --Strangeways Radio
The brilliant new single from the forthcoming ‘Images Of You’ album by Sweden’s Azure Blue, ‘Event Horizon’ will recall the best of OMD, with a whispery subdued vocal.   --Backseat Mafia
Ahead of his upcoming effort “Images of You”, Sweden’s new wave king Tobias Isaksson of Azure Blue pens another track to add to his repertoire of songs written to represent a love epic of works dedicated to his partner-in-love. A fanciful track beaming with the neo-baroque embellishments of his anachronistic synth work, the soft and dream-laden “Event Horizon” eases through Isaksson’s breathy prose. Using the image as a manifestation of physical form and his latest works as a metaphysical representation of love, “Images of You”, tells the story of Tobias Isaksson, who from eight years since his debut as Azure Blue, still wears his heart on his sleeve.   --Swede + Sour