Azure Blue - Rise

matda030  /  September 2023
Azure Blue - Rise
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Azure Blue - Rise

matda030  /  September 2023

'Rise' is the fantastic new single from an upcoming album by Swedish favorites Azure Blue. A shimmering track with a rushing drumbeat topped by luxurious layers of analog synths and a Peter Hook-like bass, the song is a dream pop anthem featuring a timeless chorus and vocal harmonies from Azure Blue's long time companion The Land Below.

The single also includes 'Define Your Dreams'—a bright flare first previewed during the dark days of the pandemic with massive synth walls and lyrics that suggest that while difficult times have passed, more difficult ones may be coming.

The forthcoming album 'The Night of the Stars' promises a more luxurious form of the patented Azure Blue sound: richer, clearer, and more powerful than ever.

  1. Rise
  2. Define Your Dreams


Track of the Week. There's a lot of New Order in the new single from Sweden's Azure Blue, but is that ever a negative? "Rise", out now via Matinée Recordings, is a shimmering bit of business. It's also likely the best new track you're going to hear this week. A rush of warm keyboards carries this into the atmosphere, and a listener is carried along on the hook. This is one of those rare numbers where the synthesizers provide an overarching warmth that is to be celebrated. In other hands, this might be a bit austere, but here it's all heartfelt pop. It's just a beautiful riff that is captivating here. The forthcoming album from Azure Blue, The Night of the Stars will be out on Matinée Recordings soon. —A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed (Track of the Week)

After an absence of a few years, Swedish act Azure Blue returns with a new single. However, it sounds like Tobias Isaksson has been listening to a lot of New Order during his time away because that’s what Rise sounds like from the sweeping synths, programmed beats and lots of Peter Hook style basslines. It’s actually a somewhat glorious and expansive synth-pop track which really could do with a far longer version – that’s a purely selfish view on my part! It’s a definite mind for either the dance floor or the soundtrack to your dreams. Or both! The track will also appear on Azure Blue’s sixth album A Night Of Stars but for now Rise can be purchased directly from Matinée Recordings.  —Records I Like

Tobias Isaksson’s Azure Blue project has always been a pleasure to pump through my speakers, and as he prepares a brand new LP, he’s dropping this absolute banger of electro pop to get you ready. You’ll need to turn this up, and immediately you’ll find yourself sinking right into the thumping rhythm of the tune, heavily washed with synths. Isaksson’s vocals craft this melodic center, able to kind of ride the synthetic pop waves working beneath. Late at night or early in the morning, this a thumping hit! You’ll find the track on the next LP, The Night of Stars, will be out soon via Matinée Recordings. —Austin Town Hall

Swedish dream pop aficionado Azure Blue, also known as Tobias Isaksson, makes a highly anticipated return with his track 'Rise'. This hi-fi dream exudes a shimmering quality, driven by an energetic drumbeat and adorned with opulent layers of analog synths, all anchored by a Peter Hook-inspired bassline. Vocal harmonies are skillfully delivered by his long-time collaborator, The Land Below, aka Erik Lindestad. As always, Azure Blue’s lyricism bears the mark of a hopeless romantic, narrating a tumultuous love story with heartfelt sincerity. ‘Rise’ is the second single from the forthcoming album The Night of the Stars, which earned recognition from Sweden’s government culture council. This track masterfully combines the glistening allure of dream pop with the synth-driven vibes of new wave, creating a captivating musical fusion. —Last Day Deaf

We were feeling a bit lethargic after our weekend, but we jumpstarted the week with the euphoric Nordic pop single "Rise" / "Define Your Dreams" by Azure Blue. We love the soaring synths and the dominant bass lines. It give us good New Order vibes with that appealing Swedish gloss. Get it now via Matinée Recordings. —When You Motor Away

Azure Blue’s latest release “Rise” is the second single from “The Night of the Stars” and a dynamic release in its own right. It features energizing and vibrant instrumentals accentuated by a rushing drum and shimmering layers of analog synths and sees Azure Blue’s longtime companion, The Land Below, singing vocal harmonies. Put simply, “Rise” feels like a call to dream, aspire, and overcome, and it does so in ways that are not easily quantified. It’s a release that will leave you feeling better afterward, and it’s impressive that Azure Blue has found a way to harness music’s innate ability to heal while entertaining. “Rise” is an energizing offering that promises to soothe your worries and elevate your mood. Keep an eye out for his upcoming album, “The Night of the Stars,” out soon. —Buzz Music